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Newbie got my wife to convert!

I have been at this great new hobby/art for about 2 months now and things are going great, thanks to you all, so I decided to buy my wife a DE razor setup. She has used it several times now and loves it. I "interviewed her" and the feedback was: "it's so much better than the other razors I've used", "it was a lot easier to remove the hair with just one blade", "there was no irritation or issues" and finally "yes, I will continue using it from now on". She even kept it in the stand on the sink - just like I have mine on the opposite side. I am so glad it worked out for her as well as me - I just hope she doesn't find my new stash of wet shaving supplies that I just starting building, she already said the other day "wow that Castle Forbes smells so good"...haha ;) (Castle Forbes was a PIF from a B&B member!)

This is the razor I got her (stock image but same exact thing):
Screenshot 2024-04-09 125437.png
That is really cool! See now you can talk brushes, soaps, blades, razors......... with your wife. That is awesome.... I am not sure mine would go for it though although I was able to convert her to a fountain pen user so maybe there is hope..
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