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What's in your mug? - October 08

Peet's Gaia at home.
Then, detoxing from last night's open mike, Spring Blossom (Chinese Green) Pekoe at work, followed by Bai Hao oolong (a.k.a. Dong Fang Mei Ren (a.k.a. Oriental Beauty)).
Rwanda cup of gold in a bodum french and straight after same coffee in a moka pot for comparison. I prefer it pressed but I feel this may be down to the grind.
French pressed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (courtesy Red Barn Roasters of Hopkinton, MA).
This am one nice full-bodied coffee (easily as good as Jimmie's expensive gourmet stuff).


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Some excellent Sumatra coffee this morning before work

Now I am enjoying some nice Tie Gwan Yin from YSLLC. Today I am taking a break from pu'er.
I have been a tea drinker since I was a young child. Back then it was a blend of Earl Gray and Persian black tea. However I have moved on to green and white teas. My choice of tea would have to be Bigalow green tea with Jasmine. I let a tea bag steep in a 1L insulated pitcher for about 10 minutes. and then add 2 large tea spoons of honey (I don't use sugar any more) I prefer raw/unprocessed honey. Most days I will drink two pitchers of tea a day.
Stash Premium Loose - Mutan White.

What a surprising tea! There's a definite peppery nose to it and a taste that I don't have words for. Tealightful!

This was one of a batch of teas that I picked up last winter from a local grocers that carries higher end/imported stuff. They several varieties of the Stash tea products on sale for $2 each. Cheap gamble at that price. Figuring 45 cup per package, I'm getting what might be the biggest for the buck in tea. But this one gives up a very nice second infusion as well.
Grey. Gray is an American spelling. I am a fan of Bigelow's Earl Grey. I tried drinking Earl Grey about 7 years ago after hearing Jon Luc Picard say "Tea, Earl Grey, hot" about a thousand times on the TNG episodes, and I've been hooked ever since. I almost can do without pekoe iced tea completely if I lived in a colder climate when I compare iced to a fresh brewed Grey.

Enjoy your tea, Earl Grey, hot.

-The Prof
I just finished my stash of very nice Twinings Earl Grey, though I prefer their Lady Grey.

What I'm drinking, most days?

Eight O'Clock 100% Columbian, whole bean, auto-drip. After going through several whole bean brands (Starbucks, Peet's, some Hawaiian Kona brand and Millstone), I tried this and was hooked. I was pleased to see Consumer Reports rate it just under Caribou and I see someone had the balls to give it 90 points on CoffeeReview.com.

Consumer Reports' sample size was small, but at least they taste test halfway decently (well, I assume they did). I typically don't trust anyone's opinion 100% (including mine) unless they've gone the double-blind testing route. But I do believe that this is the best out of the one's I've tried.

And you can't beat the price.