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What Was Your Cream Today?

Shulton Old Spice Musk--bought at a drug store next to my aunt's home in Mumbai. Cost me around $1 for the larger tube. :)
Sultan's Vetiver, my first vetiver experience so I might have to try more varities to see if it's something to put into the rotation
Pens Blenheim Bouquet. Only a few more weeks and this will be the first full-sized tube of cream I finish....then I can start on the tub
Nancy Boy Signature. I've tried it 6 or 8 times over the past couple of months and have always been disappointed. Was ready to put it on the BST as soon as I'm eligible. Today, I used maybe 50% more product and the lather was ridiculous. Great shave - it's not going anywhere now that I've figured it out. :)