What Was Your Cream Today?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by The M, Jul 29, 2012.

    Hey why not! theres one for the soaps so why not one for the creams. So just post what cream that YOU used today.
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  1. Proraso Green, old stuff.... Jumped on the Harley and felt like a million bucks!
  2. arko shaving soap baby!! lol
    yesterday I used proraso red. mmm.
    biut I dropped some noxema in my arko tub and it was like proraso green.
  3. Edwin Jagger Aloe cream; very nice, almost unscented cream
  4. Bigelow shave cream. Nice light menthol/eucalyptus to wake you up. (Bigelow is made by Proraso)
  5. Bigelow/Proraso
  6. Proaso Green Tube Original
  7. GFT coconut cream for the 11th time in a row. i haven't been able to do that in a while. i'm guessing this tub has 10 more uses before i finish it up.
  8. I used AOS Lemon today. Smells just like a lemon custard
  9. KMF Pomegranate/Grapefruit.......:thumbup:
  10. TOBS Eton Collage / FaceLathered
  11. Proraso Green (old formula)

    Just recently came back around to it and fell in love again.
  12. Tried something different today... Kiss My Face Key Lime. I'm mainly a soap user so getting the right lather with this cream may take a couple trys. I do like the protective and moisturizing properties of the KMF so far.
  13. C&E Sandalwood cream.
  14. Simpsons. Out of all my brushes, my older, moppy Rooney 3/1 Super works the best with this cream.
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  15. July was a "cream only" month for me; today was Nancy Boy Signature.

    The rotation has been between that and GFT Coconut, GFT Violet, Truefitt & Hill Rose, NB Blossomwood and the last of my T&H samples (Almond, Grafton and Ultimate Comfort).

    July has been a good month
  16. My fav - Nancy Boy Signature.
  17. Current fav -- Baxter.
  18. Penhaligon "Endymion" - it's one of the absolute best creams out there.
  19. I shave in the evening my TOBS Eton College is on the lineup tonight.

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