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Help me find a shaving cream I will like

I’ve got Urth skin solutions’ Shave Formula on deck. It feels very luxurious, smells great, and gives me a very comfortable close shave. I’ve used it with and without a brush. Great either way.
Truefitt & hill ultimate comfort is one of my top tier performers. It says it’s unscented, but it has a light lavender scent that is quite lovely. I don’t know one female that dislikes the scent of lavender.
Truefitt & Hill are my favorite creams, high quality and great scents. Not cheap though. I have not tried the ultimate comfort so cannot attest to the scent (or lack thereof) but that brand has wonderful creams. Sadly their soaps are not as good, not bad, but they do not outshine the competitors like their creams do IMHO.
I suggest to stay away from creams altogether. They will always have a stronger scent than the equivalent soap in my experience.

Buy a very light soap. Mühle Sandalwood and De Vergulde Hand come to mind.
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