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What TV series you watching?

Wound up with Star Trek: Picard. Not very impressive except for that one episode, No. 7, I mentioned above. Too many logical holes and character gaps, and a plot that comes off more like fantasy than science fiction. I was impressed by Alison Pill's performance, though the character she plays is sort of annoying. But this is not Star Trek in any sense.


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I also just watched the first episode of Young Rock. It was more entertaining than I was expecting, I think it will rate well. Probably for similar audience who enjoys Cobra Kai.

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Just finished the first season of Deadwind. Great recommendation. Truly excellent. Finnish Scandi noir. Dark. Complex plot.

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About four episodes into the second season of Deadwind. Perhaps even better than the first. The subtitles are tiring me out, though, which I hate to admit. Also, it always seems to be winter in these Scandinavian police procedurals. I feel cold all the time!


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I just finished watching Frontier on Netflix.

It is a 3-season (18 episode) show staring "Aquaman" Jason Momoa about the intrigue and intricacies of the fur trade in northern Canada in the late 18th century. I'd call it a "ripping yarn" worthy of watching as long as you are not looking for a particularly complex or "deep" story line.

Fairly high on the violence, and swearing, and the occasional "adult scene" so not really to watch with your kids.

There are a fair number of English, Scottish, Irish, and Canadien French accents which (to my untrained ear) seem to have been handled well. And lots of native with actual Cree (I believe) dialogue with subtitles.

My biggest gripe would be that the English and the Hudson's Bay Company (more or less synonymous here) are basically just "the bad guys" and any HBC character of any note is destined to be "the bad guys". I think they all get the same "back story": you are English and work for the HBC so therefore you are evil. A little nuance here and there would have been much appreciated.

But overall, good mindless fun.

A bit of knowledge of Canadian history and geography can assist, but quite frankly they keep the show pretty accessible and so you can watch it and enjoy it regardless.


This is a long thread so I can't recall if Fortitude has been mentioned. If you're up for an Arctic Norwegian psychological horror series. We enjoyed it quite a bit and I only really squirmed in my chair and had to watch peeking through my fingers once. There are also a lot of nice subtle bits of humor and humanity in it too. Plus Richard Dormer's voice (and his hat).

1. Rewatching ‘Lonesome Dove’ on blu-ray. Until ‘Chernobyl’ was best mini-series of all time.
2. SWMBO has me watching ‘Outlander’ - almost through Season 1 - not bad for a bodice ripper.
3. And, of course, ‘WandaVision.’


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With the woman from Big Bang theory
I find her acting annoying in that she seems to be ripping off Jennifer Anniston.

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Like many TV series, I thought Season #1 was the best but there
was some really good character development in Season #3 plus
some decent plot twists.
Interesting. I am not sure I remember well enough to evaluate that. I probably commented in it here earlier. I think it seemed to me seasons 2 and 3 seemed a little more plausible. I think I agree re character and plot development.

One thing that struck me was these were supposedly high end specialized forces types or something along those lines that got involved in ultra dangerous activities, with massive fire fights. Yet when one of their own got killed it seemed to emotionally devastate the unit. In real life given what they were doing wouldn't there be an enormously likelihood of someone getting killed on a regular basis? Does not a unit have to be way better prepared for that than these folks seemed to be. Granted the show is fiction and I doubt that any special units get involved in such activities as frequently as these folks do on the show. But if a Navy SEAL is killed on a highly dangerous mission, does the rest of that unit breakdown and engage in a massive amount of soul searching as to what it all means and whether they should keep on?

Also there seemed to be an awful lot of folks falling into bed together for such a high stakes, supposedly professional operation.

Still, I thought it was entertaining and probably not intended to be taken as very realistic. Sort of a 24.

I wondered if this series was typical of Israeli TV action productions. Attractive characters. Good acting, I thought. Edge of the seat action sequences.
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The wife and I have been binging Breaking Bad. We are super late to the party, but MAN what a great show! We are in the middle of season 3.
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