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What razor/blade did you use today

1964 Gillette Slim / Astra (1) / AoS Sandlewood pre/shave/balm -- out of synch today; didn't shave right out of the shower, waited til lunch, and the shave reflected it, so the blame goes to the craftsman, not the tool. Thinking I should have gone with my original plan and used a GEM 1912 instead...
Muhle Rocca Jet w/BIC Chrome Platinum Blade, Semogue Taj boar brush , Barrister and Mann Hallows shave soap, Osma alum block, Thayer's Witchhazel facial toner non alcohol

First time using a Barrister and Mann soap, love the performance of it thus far, but man this "Hallows" scent is uh...not the greatest. I think in both appearance and to a lesser extent the smell, it's that of dog crap 😂
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