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Aristocrat 66 or 70

Hi all, long time viewer, first time poster.....

I have been lurking in the shadows trying to learn about DE razors having been a lifetime cartridge guy.

One of my first purchases which arrived today was advertised as an unused Aristocrat 66' Rodium plated - paid £100 what's that... about $130

I am however debating if it's actual a 70'

Markings as follows:

Diamond Gillette logo

Made in England

Brit Pat 694093

Weighing in at 77g on the scales (77g hmmm)

Case is a little dubious as not seen any models with this case, cream case, gold trim, red inlay, single Gillette logo with a plastic style cover.

I did search various posts and there was mixed opinion already.

For my first post and venture into this world of DE, I would really appreciate the communities help.

Thank you to all in advance

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