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What is your favourite Clubman AS?

I was window shopping online and was viewing the many varieties of Clubman aftershaves. I have Pinaud Clubman and love the scent. I was wondering what your favourite Clubman AS scent was? Or maybe you have more than one favourite?
Citrus Musk lately, haven't been able to try the 3 new ones yet. Have the original and bay rum also.

I’m waiting on the Gents Gin, Whiskey Woods and Brandy spice to arrive in the mail. Lime Sec and Bay Rum are probably my the only 2 Clubman‘s I won’t try. Vanilla is on my list though.

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I really enjoy the regular Clubman, it's my everyday AS. But I also like the powdery scent of the Special Reserve for a change up. But a little of it goes quite a long way - strong and long lasting.

I have been having a fixation on the Veg for that last month, but tonight I've gone back to enjoying my good, old, regular Clubman.
I haven’t tried them all. So far, my favorites are VI Bay Rum and Citrus Musk. Also, another vote for Osage Rub, if it counts.

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Regular Clubman is the last aftershave standing! The original best.

All the others are good, in lesser degrees. Been around a long time.

Another vote for Pinaud Clubman!! (But then, I am a boring old guy, or ‘classic’ according to LOTH!)
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