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What if... Prohibition was reinstated?

There was some talk at Homebrewtalk about this a while ago. Being the Speakeasy, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss this.

Personally, I'd be come a mead/cider brewing madman. Since it would be very hard to source malted grain and hops, I'd probably be forced out of brewing beer. If there was fair warning, I'd probably buy up all the liquid yeast I could afford and slant it all.

Whiskey and Gin would be out of the picture. I'm sure I could be under cover enough for a couple carboys of cider or mead though.

What about you?


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I would probably stick to wine and beer. You can pretty much brew anything that has sugar in it. How it would taste like is something else...
When I used to go to sea, we used to make some ok wine with frozen grape juice, and bakers yeast
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Here(Norway) they never really lifted the prohibition, they turned it into heavy taxation to reduce consumption. There's alot of moonshine around, and some take smuggling trips to buy cheap beer & liquor in sweden.
Which for the rest of the world is the second most expensive alcohol in the world :lol:

I was just going to say that - the Swedes, in turn, take the ferry to Denmark to get their booze.

Not sure what I'd do if there was prohibition - as a Canadian, I suspect there's a business opportunity selling rotgut to my pals south of the border...
and some take smuggling trips to buy cheap beer & liquor in sweden.

I was just going to say that - the Swedes, in turn, take the ferry to Denmark to get their booze.

Yup. The norwegians go to Sweden, the sweds to Denmark, the danes to Germany, the germans to Poland, the poles to Belarus/Ukraine. Here the chain ends, cause it doesn't get any cheaper/people can't afford to travel abroad. Alcohol indeed makes people do stupid things...
The interesting question is not how to obtain alcohol under prohibition. The USA in the '20s showed the world how to deal with that.

What's interesting is how would it ever come to that again?
I'd be glad I homebrew. :biggrin:

Me too - including in a 'dry' country, near Yemen - still managed to get malt extract with no difficulty, they give it to babies (perhaps not in the quantities I was using it though :wink:) - wasn't the best ale in the world, but it was the best available at the time :lol:
That is a serious and cold-sweat type of nightmare.

Guess I'd drink a lot of Robitussin. EEEEwww. Just kidding.

Yeah, had cider, home brew, and hopefully I'd figure out how to put make something a little harder.
I would move to a Border State.
Either northern(Canada), or southern(Mexico)
That way, whenever I wanted to, I could cross the border, have a few drinks, and cross back.

I wouldn't smuggle.....No, Never.....:tongue_sm
cheap beer & liquor in sweden.

I was about to call you insane when I read that, but then I realized you were in Norway. :lol:

I feel for you, man. Sometimes we Americans forget how lucky we are when it comes to certain things. I constantly remind my Svenskt buddies that even though you can get snus and booze everywhere in Sweden, you still pay three times as much for it than we do here in the US. Don't even get me started on the hassles of owning a handgun in Sweden!
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