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What Hair Products Did You Use Today?

J.R. Liggett Coconut & Argan Oil Shampoo Bar
Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic

J.R. Liggett Coconut & Argan Oil Shampoo Bar
Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic

Murray's Superior Vintage Pomade

Added 1 scoop of Murray's Vintage pomade to my hair this morning. I didn't bother with a comb, as it wasn't neccessary. I just styled it with my hands, and my hair stayed in the position that I set. This stuff is incredible. If I used a comb, I would have ruined my James Dean look. I was perfect.

I wish I had gone with this same styling routine my entire life because I look better than a movie star, if that's possible.

Royal Crown Pomade

Using a shiny pomade favored by Johnny Cash during the prime years of his career. I only used 1 scoop of Royal Crown Pomade to my hair this morning. I had Murray's Superior pomade in my hair already, but needed some shine. Going out tonight with my girlfriend to hang out with some city slickers. RC pomade is perfect. The combination of Royal Crown and Murray's Superior is incredible. I've got the hold of Murray's along with the shine of RC Pomade. My hair is looking great right. Tonight is going to be perfect. I just hope I don't have to deal with women throwing themselves at me in front of my girlfriend. My world is upside down from the average guys. In a normal world, guys have to work hard to get women. Not with me. Everything is opposite. I'm the prey. When I'm with my friends, they get upset, because they're ignored while women are throwing themselves at me. I feel bad for them, but that's how it goes. I guess.

I actually prefer Royal Crown Hair Dressing over the RC pomade, but I like to mix it up every once in a while. I bought a ton of Royal Crown Pomade, and I like use it every now and then. The way my hair looks when I'm using Royal Crown Pomade or Hair Dressing is similar to when I'm using the original high shine Brylcreem. The difference is the hold is a heck of a lot better with Royal Crown than with Brylcreem. Elvis Presley is said to have used Royal Crown Hair Dressing in the early days of his career before he turned to hairsprays later in his career.


Murray's Superior pomade [orginal]

I'm using this product today. I put in one large scoop into my wild out of control hair this morning. Didnt bother looking in the mirror or using a comb. I just applied it, and left it as is. Exhausted from this weekend. Went to a party with my girlfriend on Friday, and then went to an Irish pub on Saturday to celebrate one of my friend's birthday. That was interesting. Sunday out with my girlfiend to her parent's house and then dinner. It's not physical work, but the effort of always being on took a lot out of me. I hate acting, but I have to when I look the way I do. Being a pub was more than I thought. I guess my blond hair might have fooled the woman there that I had Irish blood in me. I do have a small amount of Irish in me, but I'm mostly German and Swedish. I guess it doesn't matter. They were working hard staring at me.

This morning went to coffee shop to try and wake up before work. I don't know why I felt like I didnt look good because of how tired I was. But I guess I must have looked like a million bucks, because I was walking to the counter to order my coffee, three girls/women all said hi to me from a table. They were just staring at me, smiling and laughing. I was thinking, 'Oh man, not this.' Had a terrible headache, but I faked it, and acted incredbly happy as I stared back at them and smiled the best that I could. After I got my coffee started drinking, started to feel like my normal self, and felt a lot better. Still have the headache through.

When I went out to my car, I looked in the mirror, and realized why the girls were trying hard to meet me. I looked absolutely like a movie star. I felt terribe and exhausted, but I looked incredible. Hair was perfect, even though I didn't comb it after adding the Murray's Superior, and my face looked better than any move star from this era. I kind of have to remind myself that I still look out of this world good even when I'm worn out.
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