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What Hair Products Did You Use Today?

Last night really: Clubman Country Club shampoo followed by two spritzes of Ausie "Scrunch" spray and a little finger twirling for the bangs.
VO5 Detox Shampoo and Conditioner. No other products. I'm trying to find a shampoo and conditioner I can live with. This combo seems to work well.

I'm also trying to get away from using 2-in-1s or 3-in-1s every day. I know that's not the best for my hair.

If I could find an unscented shampoo and conditioner for a reasonable price then I'd be in heaven. I can't bring myself to pay $10 a piece for 16oz of Free and Clear's shampoo and conditioner. Someone let me know if you have any suggestions.
High Life Medium pomade

using this stuff today. It's a bit cold. I wish i had used a lighter pomade like Royal Crown Hair Dressing or Murray's Super Light pomade. My girlfriend likes when I use the lighter pomades, but it causes problems in my life when I'm using them. I get too many women throwing themselves at me, and I get the jeolousy treatment from guys that don't possess my movie star looks.

I was wearing one of my flat caps yesterday and last night, and I was able to go about freely among the town without dealing with angry males or fawning females. It was nice. I had my Peaky Blinders flat cap pulled down over my face, and I was completely invisible. I could go in detail what it was like. I think almost looked like soeone from 1920s, looking poor and working class. Even my doctor asked me if I work. That was amusing. I was blending in perfectly. I knew at that moment that I had a way out. I could go with my favorite flap cap, and hide my looks so I wouldn't have to deal with the reactions I get. However, at the end of my doctors appointment, I made the mistake of looking at my female doctor directly at her face when she giving me final instructions, and immediately she melted. I though to myslef, 'I blew it. Why did I have to look at her. I should hve just kept my flat cap down over my face.' I just wanted to give her my attention while she was giving me instructions, and I forgot the power of my looks. Even with only face showing, it as too much for her.

Why are pople so jeolous of my movie star looks?

Having a hard time with a lot of the jeolous people. They're so jeolous of my Hollywood movie star looks. It bugs me. Normally I can look beyond their jeolousy, but it's starting to get to me lately. I'm not to notice it, and forget about it but I can't. Everywhere i go now, I see jeolous people. It doesn't matter if I'm with my Anne Bankcroft look alike girlfriend, the jeolpusy is still there. I want to make myself look ugly, and lower myself so I don't make people green with envy, but I'm suffering just so I can make inferior people ignore me or feel better about themselves.

I dont think I'm better than people in every aspect. I realize that I'm not great at everything. I just look better than others. Believe me, it's a curse to look like me. I get women throwing themslelves at me, and getting angry as wild cats when I don't follow up or feign enthusiasm. If I act indifferent, thats wilike throwing fuel on the fire of these women. It's not worth being good looking to have to deal with jeolousy by guys or angry women. It's so much better to just blend in with the common folks. I don't know what to do, honestly. Try and make myself ugly or do I stay the way I am looking like a movie star in a world full of mostly average to ugly people.
Just Vitalis today. I'm going to wash and condition when I get home. Trying to do that less to see how long I can wait before my scalp starts to revolt. With my tonics and Groom & Clean I've cut out my dandruff pretty much completely. I last shampooed and conditioned Saturday night. Three days seems like a good starting off point.

The products also help with hair cleanliness and health. I figure if I can wash and condition less, my natural oils might be able to reset and make my dandruff-less life more permanent.
Thought I was done buying hair products, but I actually found a local beauty supply store that sells Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic. So, I coughed up the outrageous $6.99 they had the nerve to charge and got a bottle. Maybe like Groom & Clean the smell has to grow on you? It's not bad, I think it's just very different from Vitalis or Jeris. Love the feel, though, and the Groom & Clean counteracts the smell anyway.

VO5 Detox shampoo and conditioner, Lucky Tiger, Groom & Clean.

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Murray's Superior pomade

2 scoops of Murray's into my golden blond hair this morning, and I'm looking INCREDIBLE. At this point, I've kind of given up on other pomades. Just using Murray's. It's the only one that has any longevitiy. I look great with other pomades, but I can't keep them in my hair as long as Murray's. I don't want to take showers x 7 per week, because it's a waste of time and bad for the hair. As such, I'm going with this George Clooney favorite for good. I'll use the lighter pomades when I'm going out with my girlfriend. She likes when my hair shines.

Stranded with broken car in freezing temperatures

My Mercedes broke down on me out in the middle of nowhere the other day. It was freezing cold, hovering around 0 F, and I was miserable. Interestingly enough, a beautiful woman pulled over to help me. She didn't do anything for my broken down car, but she gave me her number. I guess she how good looking I was standing by my car, and decided to pull over. I was suprised. The combinaton of my looks and my Mercedes overrode the woman's sense of caution. I had to get a tow truck. My car was not going to start. I can't describe how cold I was. Try standing outsdide for 2 hours with a light jacket at 0 degrees and you'll know what I was feeling. My feet were like ice. As far as the woman goes, I'm thinking about calling her, and setting up a date. I feel like I owe her for the kindness she showed.
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