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What Hair Products Did You Use Today?

It seems that all other sub forums have this topic. There has been so many people talking about pomades and other hair products, so I thought we could get a thread going. This way we can also see some new products.

Today I went back to groom and clean. It has been awhile. I forgot it kept my hair soft.
I rotate between the following:

These are all natural. No brand name. Simply a plastic apothecary bottle with the date of manufacture and some remote address

Almond oil
Cress oil
Olive oil
Castor Oil
Amla oil (Indian Gooseberry)
I used a quarter sized blob of Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner with a pea sized blob of Groom and Clean mixed in for a little extra hold. I often use Brylcreem by itself though.
Aveda Shampure shampoo and Aveda Shampure conditioner.

Styled with Hanz de Fuko Hybridized Wax. Nice little "niche" hair product IMHO!
Crew Classic Ultramatte. It's got a medium/light hold (which is all I need), and no shine at all if you give it a once over with a brush after it's dried (per the directions).
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A very small dab of Booster Llanolin and ~ a tea spoon of Jeris W/O oil. Light hold, nice smell and really soft shiny but not greasy looking hair.
Clubman Pinaud Hair Gel. Searching for my next gel, I like this one because it doesn't have much shine to it.
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