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What Hair Products Did You Use Today?


The Aussie Bulldog
Head and Shoulders dry scalp care Almond.
Vaseline Hair Tonic.
Just some Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose. If I’m not working I generally only use a tonic.

By the way, if anyone is reading this and suffers from dandruff, I am down to washing with shampoo and conditioner one day a week with no ill effects. The Groom & Clean plus the tonics are doing a great job of keeping me flake free.


Murray's Superior pomade [orginal]

I'm using this product today. I put in one large scoop into my wild out of control hair this morning. Didnt bother looking in the mirror or using a comb. I just applied it, and left it as is. Exhausted from this weekend. Went to a party with my girlfriend on Friday, and then went to an Irish pub on Saturday to celebrate one of my friend's birthday. That was interesting. Sunday out with my girlfiend to her parent's house and then dinner. It's not physical work, but the effort of always being on took a lot out of me. I hate acting, but I have to when I look the way I do. Being a pub was more than I thought. I guess my blond hair might have fooled the woman there that I had Irish blood in me. I do have a small amount of Irish in me, but I'm mostly German and Swedish. I guess it doesn't matter. They were working hard staring at me.

This morning went to coffee shop to try and wake up before work. I don't know why I felt like I didnt look good because of how tired I was. But I guess I must have looked like a million bucks, because I was walking to the counter to order my coffee, three girls/women all said hi to me from a table. They were just staring at me, smiling and laughing. I was thinking, 'Oh man, not this.' Had a terrible headache, but I faked it, and acted incredbly happy as I stared back at them and smiled the best that I could. After I got my coffee started drinking, started to feel like my normal self, and felt a lot better. Still have the headache through.

When I went out to my car, I looked in the mirror, and realized why the girls were trying hard to meet me. I looked absolutely like a movie star. I felt terribe and exhausted, but I looked incredible. Hair was perfect, even though I didn't comb it after adding the Murray's Superior, and my face looked better than any move star from this era. I kind of have to remind myself that I still look out of this world good even when I'm worn out.
WOW!! Wonder if this would work on LOTH (or for this old guy)!!
WOW!! Wonder if this would work on LOTH (or for this old guy)!!
I don't go looking for women, but I've noticed the coffeee shops are literally TEAMING with women early in the mornings, and many are in their 40s and 50s. Whats interesting is they're trying to get me, and they're old enough to be my mom. I guess it doesn't matter. I'd love to be the same age as them. If I was around that age, I would know where to find the women. Those coffee shops are completely filled everyday with older women. No matter where I go for coffee, that's what I see, and I'm the prey.

As far as Murray's Superior, I stopped carrying about how I look after I apply it. I mean, it doesn't matter. I get same reaction from women whether I comb or just throw it in without bothering to comb. I actually prefer the way I look when i don't use a comb. The trick with Murrays is to apply it with just one pass. Don't try and get all the product into your hair after getting one scoop. If you put all of it in with 4 or 5 sweeps, you'll end up with a pinned down 1920s look, which is fine, but that's not what I'm going for. I like it to look semi-natural. The matinee idol is a little too off putting. Murray's has a matte shine when you use just a little, so people can't tell you have product in your hair if you use just a small amount/
Murray's 50-50 Short Batch Pomade

Today I'm using this pomade from Murray's. Its a fairly new creation the company created several years ago, which is a 50% combo of Murray's Superior and Murray's Excelento pomade. The Excelento is a high shine pomade from 1912 that is a light oil based, high shine product. By mixing it with Murray's Superior, the company has created a an excellent medium pomade with superb shine and decent hold. I threw in one scoop of the product into my dry hair this morning. Like always, I didn't use a comb. I just applied it without combing it in.

For $6 per tin, Murrays 50-50 Short Batch is a great deal. This was originally supposed to be just a temporary addition to Murray's product line, but due to the popularity, they kept it as a permanent one. I've made the mix myself in the past by using a scoop of Excelento and a scoop of Murray's Superior, but it's easier to buy a tin that's already mixed.



The Aussie Bulldog
Hair Recipe Honey and Apricot Moisturising Shampoo.
Hair Recipe Honey and Apricot Moisturising Conditioner.

Murray's Hair Glo pomade + Murray's Superior pomade

Using these two in combination today. Both pomades very old. Used one scoop of each today. The Hair Glo is a classic high shine pomade. I believe it's been around forever. The shine is incredible. I normally use this stuff as a standalone, but I wanted it to have some hold so I added Murray's Superior along with it. My hair was blinding after I added the Hair Glo.

Royal Crown Hair Dressing

Put this stuff in today due to all the build up I have. When I'm getting close to de-greasing, I go with lightweight oil pomades and then finally Tres Flores Brilliantine Liquid Oil [aka mineral oil], and then I shampoo it out using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist conditioner along with a good clarifying shampoo. Removing oil based pomades is SUPER easy. But before I learned how to do it correctly, I was like a lot of people, kind of frustrated at trying to remove the stuff. The stuff that initially gave me headaches were these pomades:

Sweet Georgia Brown Blue
Dax Wave and Groom
Lockharts Goon Grease
Lockhart's Heavy hold
High Life Heavy
High Life Voodoo Brew 1 & 2

The wax pomades are still no fun to wash out, but they come out pretty easy as well. Just takes a little more effort.

I was interviewed by my girlfiend's dad last night. He's a CEO of a huge company, and he wants to hire me. It was really weird being interviewed by him, and Pretty demeaning. The guy grew up with rich pararents that sent him to private schools. I was raised in foster homes where I was continually told how lucky I am that I'm being fed. When I would accidently break one of my toys, my foster parents would tell me how much it cost them. They made me feel like a freeloader, and I never felt like I was ever part of the family. I wish I could do everyhing over. I would have run away. When I was being interviewed by my girlfriend's dad, he made me feel like I was trash from the gutter, and he had no understanding of me or where I came from. I wish I could have grown up like him. I hate the way rich people think they're more gifted than other people genetically. I may not have had a great up bringing, but I'm still superior looks wise than he'll ever be.
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