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What did we do before Forums, U-tube, and Message Boards?

Swim team.

Speaking for myself, obvs. We were at a regional championship meet and had heard that Olympic swimmers shaved their legs to reduce drag or something so a trip to the drugstore for some Trac IIs and the collective wisdom of a batch of adolescent knuckleheads.

After the internet, but before the web, social media for me was usenet newsgroups. Although I never sought out a shaving newsgroup — if I'd have actually stumbled across one about shaving it would probably have been about Something Rather Different, likely involving a lot of binaries and lengthy downloads. IYKYK.
Before forums etc.,
shaving was never a topic of discussion between myself and anyone that I knew.

I didn't even know that it was possible to have to have questions on the topic.
Trial and error. Mostly error. I gave up on soap/brush the first time I tried it as I could never get a good lather. My buddy who talked me into trying it wasn't any help. After 9/11. I bought tubes of Nivea for carry on (100 ml or less). I used it as brushless which didn't work very well. I had a brush and it didn't occur to me to use it with the cream....doh! :eek2:
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