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What general shaving items aren't you interested in?


In the process of showing my house, and you don’t realize how much gear you have until it all needs to go in the cabinet. Trying to go a month without a purchase.
  • I don’t care for the overly fruity soaps; subtle fresh manly scent is perfect.
  • SE
  • Dull “smooth” blades
  • Budget soaps - cannot prevent Williams from foaming into bubble bath consistency. Extra $10 is worth it
  • Wildly expensive DE. After improving technique, told wife to remove 6S from wishlist
For motivation, you could join the May GRUME, support group for people with ADs. And good laughs when someone fails out.

For me:
Scuttles. (Mug works fine for me)
Razor stands (the metal pricey sort)
Cheap soaps
Any DE razor design other than 2 or 3-piece
Given that I have much more of shaving gear than I could ever use. I'll still bite.

Straights - Tried a few shaves with straights, not for me.

Artisan soaps - I realized long ago that the when the artisan soap phenomenon began that it represented a seemingly endless black hole that would destroy my pocketbook exponentially faster than my AD's. I vowed to myelf that I would try a few and find those I like. Mike's Natural, Mystic Waters, Soap Commander, modern Stirling pretty much make up my artisan collection.

Pre-shave oils - I do occasionally use a pre-shave soap 365 Glycerin soap when I shave without showering before hand.

Premium Shave Gear - I have a few premium brushes, (T&H 3/2, Simpson Best 58) a few premium razors ($75 Weber, RR Gamechanger), yet most of my stuff is on the budget side of things.
Straights, shavettes, single-edge, badger brushes, boar brushes and artisan aftershaves.
I like my DE, my soaps, my synthetic brushes and aftershaves that you can buy at the grocery store or Target.
Straights, shavettes, single-edge, badger brushes, boar brushes and artisan aftershaves.
I like my DE, my soaps, my synthetic brushes and aftershaves that you can buy at the grocery store or Target.
How can anyone with the moniker Badgerstate36 not like badger brushes?
Any post-shave-specific products. I use my own skin care regimen. I use Dickinson's with hazel product, and I stopped using alum about 4 months ago (I seemed to have developed a skin aversion to it). I just don't rely on shaving products for skin care, and that includes superfatted unicorn milk soaps. YMMV, and I love reading about that stuff but after having tried it out, I don't care to use any more other than B&M Le Grand Chypre because I am in love with the scent.
Scuttles, bowls. No need. I get great lather with face lathering
Not doing straight razoring has saved me a lot of fetishistic rituals using stones, paste, and strops.
Add shave scuttles to the list too. I tried one and it was nice that it kept the lather warm but it's not necessary.

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I pretty much found what I like so my experimental phase is over for the most part.

Scuttles, shaving bowls- I face lather.
Straight razors- no patience/desire to learn. Expensive brushes- I don’t baby them and prefer to use them to their fullest potential without worrying about ruining an expensive one.
Limited edition soaps- I just shave and after a few minutes I don’t even notice the scent anymore.
With aquisitioning and experimenting over have reached a point where Im satisfied with technique, 2 inexpensive razors, 3 inexpensive brushes (syn, badger, boar), face lathering with mass market cream, simple aloe post shave and a small variety of drug store AS for scent.
More would just be pointless clutter for me.
Not interested in :
-boar brushes : I have a single cheap boar brush and I HATE it. Very rarely use it. After many shaves it still hasn't broken in, still very coarse and still sheds. My pure badger brush is not much better either. Still not broken in, still scritchy (though smoother than the boar one) and also sheds a few hairs each time. My best one is a synthetic I use almost every shave and is the cheapest of the three brushes I own. Soft and smooth as butter.
-straight razors-can get expensive, they're high maintenance and you have to learn the technique quite well. Having said that, I do own a shavette, but I've only used it once so far, with not-so-great results.
-anything that has eucalyptus in it, especially Proraso. Hate the smell. I've used Proraso Green for a few months and it makes a good lather but the smell is not for me.
-alum blocks-the routine I have with an alcohol-based splash and occasionally a balm is enough for me.
-razors that cost more to ship than the actual cost of the product itself and take months to ship (Techs shipped from the US)
-razors with non-standard blades
-hollow handles on razors
Pre Shave.
SE razors. (Not including straights)

I do admire the wonderful brush collections that I see with some men. I however have no desire for more than 1 or 2. I have one cheap, wood handle synthetic,(which was my first), and a Badger brush that is in my profile picture. I love my badger and think that the handle is just my style. If the brush ever wears out I can see getting a new knot fitted to the handle as opposed to getting a whole new brush.

I love Straight razors and have designated Sunday as "Straight Razor Sunday". I still need more practice to overcome the nervousness, but I can do a full 3 pass shave with no irritation. Not quite BBS, but certainly a DFS. I can see going to more days per week once I'm faster and more proficient.

I haven't been wet shaving for long, (just since the stay at home orders), so I'm sure that my tastes in what I do like will change and evolve, but I don't really change my dislikes often so I figure the above list will probably stay the same.
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Gillette razors. If I wanted them, I'd go back to my Mach 3
A shaving den. I don't need to figure out which razor, blade, cream, or brush I'm going to use. I respect the passion but that's too much decision making for me
Tobacco scented creams or aftershaves. I like sandalwood or menthol
Even though I started out shaving with my dad's old Norleco, and used it throughout high school and college, I no longer have any interest in electric razors. My reason being that I am a slave to the BBS, and in my opinion, electric razors just do not deliver the goods.
Straight razor. I shake too much
Alcohol based aftershaves. My skin breaks out.
Cartridge razors. Need I explain?
Electric razors. I just don’t see the need.
I have no interest in the OneBlade razor, I feel like the cost and proprietary blades defeats the whole purpose of the resurgence of traditional wet shaving.

On that same note, I will never ever buy an electric razor again. I bought a Braun when I graduated college and received my first teaching job (thinking it would be faster in the morning), and it ended up cutting my face well past their "break in" period. It wasn't much faster either, as I have a goatee and the shaving around it meant being very careful and having to use the trimmer which wasn't efficient. Got a whole refund (and Amazon let me keep the razor), cleaned it, and gave it to a buddy of mine who loves them.

For a while I swore off modern adjustables, but I finally caved and recently bought a Mergress and I fell in love.
In general I'm not interested in collecting razors and brushes. I like to dial in a good set-up with the equipment and use it consistently. I get my variety with different soaps, creams and aftershaves.
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