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What general shaving items aren't you interested in?

We know what most/many are interested in, aftershaves, multiple brushes, soaps/creams, collections, etc. We all have some interest in some items or we wouldn't be here.

What common interests do you not find as interesting as some others?

I like to shave with a DE. I initially tried a few different razors but now I have just one (Gillette Old style Open Comb). I'm not interested in DE collections.

For blades I use Gillette Silver Blue. I've tried others, most were similar to each other (not all) but Silver Blue is all I need now.

I have one basic boar brush. I have no interest in more brushes. I face lather. I have one VDH bowl for a puck but I don't use it.

I like a variety in soap scents so I have about 9 different Stirling soaps and 2 TOBS creams. I don't need any more variety however.

I have about 9 nice vintage straights. I don't need any more. I have several inexpensive hones but don't need more.

I have one aftershave but don't need that.

The common interests that don't interest me at all are collections of DE raxors and brushes.

What items are you less interested in than some/most are?

(I'm not intending this thread to be negative. Everyone has different likes/dislikes. I just haven't seen a thread like this yet).

I should add even though I have no interest in DE collections or collections in general I do actually like/appreciate the look of my several straights. I bought them for that reason and there is a bit of vibe for me when looking at my straights. It's still not a "collection" but at least I do "get" the visual and functional/historical attraction of straights. I also prefer straights that are less common.
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No interest whatsoever in aftershaves. Don’t like strong smells (migraines). I have a very lightly scented post shave balm I use occasionally if my skin feels dry.

No interest whatsoever in expensive razors. Think most I’ve ever paid was $48 for a Ranger that’s now for sale. Most of my razors are in the $10-$25 range and I occasionally sell some to buy new ones.

I love DE and SE but quickly lost interest in straights when I tried them. Still think they are cool but can get a better shave with less effort (YMMV) with a DE/SE.

No interest in expensive brushes. I have a few brushes and I’m getting into refurbishing old ones. So far I have 2 to refurbish and total I’ve spent less than $15 for the handles and knots. My wife bought me a Omega 49 and can’t imagine ever needing a more expensive brush.

But outside of simply enjoying the shaving aspect of this “hobby” for me the best aspect is this community and the fact that what works for me might not work for others and vice verse and most people support, understand, and respect that. We can say I like this and I don’t like that and all still get along and find our favorite aspects and go with it while supporting others as they seek out their preferences.
No interest in straights.

No interest in mass produced soaps (Arko, Tabac, MWF or Williams etc)

No interest in any more brushes really. I have enough and aside from one more $18 boar have no plans to purchase any more.

No interest in any more DEs. Found the Blackbird and that’s all she wrote.

No interest in any more SEs really either. Got a Vector, Sabre and a Schick L type that are all killer.

Pretty satisfied with my den lately.
No interest in SE or straights. DE only. Also not so much into frags...Beyond the subtle scents of balms.
Ok. I'll play. I have no interest in expensive anything. Even when I was flush with cash and good cash flow, there were many other things that I wanted to spend my money on as opposed to shaving gear. That said, I am interested in most aspects of this hobby. I guess the only thing I've recently learned is pretty unnecessary is pre-shave oil. I've been using pre-shave oil religiously since I started this hobby a little over 4 years ago. And then about a week or two ago I decided to just stop using it to see if I could notice a difference in my shaves. I have to say I see no difference. As a result, I've decided to remove pre-shave oil from my routine.


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Not interested in scuttles, artisan soft soaps, Chinese knock-off razors, super expensive ($150 and up) modern stainless razors, products with "catchy" over-the-top names, aftershave balms, pre-shaves, bay rum, youtube shaving videos, "aquatic" scents, Shark blades ... OK, I'd better stop now.
1) Bowls, mugs and scuttles.

I bought a chrome razor and brush stand with shaving bowl set when it was on offer. The bowl has proven to be perfect for the job, and in the last two years especially I’ve found I’m face lathering more. I’ve never felt any desire to try another bowl, a mug or a scuttle. When I buy soaps or croaps I usually buy ones that come in their own tub eg like Proraso. Owning mugs/scuttles/other bowls would just take up more storage space than I have.

2) A collection of brushes and expensive brushes.
I have 4 and might buy another inexpensive synthetic at some point, but that’ll do. My first 2 brushes - the Wilkinson Sword and an Edwin Jagger pure badger brush - still occasionally get brought out. I treated myself to a Cyril Salter pure badger brush about 3 years ago because it was reduced and that stays in my bathroom. I got a Semogue 830 last year after seeing it being used in Paul H Films’ videos and because it was fairly inexpensive: it’s probably my favourite brush now. As much as some of the more expensive brushes look good I can’t justify to myself forking out that much for one.

3) Expensive razors.
The most expensive in my collection of 7 is my Merkur Futur.
I should use it more often than I do but that’s been a good ‘inhibitor‘ on me buying more razors anyway.

4) Shaving oils.
When I started DE shaving I used them in conjunction with creams and very occasionally on their own. I much prefer the experience of lathering a soap or cream and the different scents. I have sideburns and initially I reasoned the oil would help me shave around them and help shape them better because I’d be able to see what I was doing better than with cream or soap. Then one day I realised the cream that I had used on its own had left my face feeling slick after I’d finished my passes and that I didn’t really need to apply oil to shave around my sideburns. As a result I’ve not used oil that often since.
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• Not interested in SE / DE & straight, use carts
• Not interested in boar brushes or horsehair
• Not interested in any Nivea products except the sensitive face wash
• Not interested in Pure brushes
• Not interested in soaps, use creams
• Not interested in aftershave as the smell irritates me, use post shave balms / healers

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Great thread. Not interested in any modern razors except the Bic metal for travel. Not interested in modern scents or aftershaves. Not interested in artisan soaps, most of which are creams, especially those who change their 'base' every five minutes and render their old product obsolete. Not interested in a copy, a tribute, an homage, or a cheap knock off of anything, especially if it is cheaply made in the far East, rebadged, and then over priced and promoted by multiple YouTube salesmen, sorry shave reviewers. Not interested in YouTube shave reviewers who seem to just love every product they try, or shave videos in general, except one. Not interested in subscription products or Shave Clubs, Global or otherwise. And........ relax. 😁
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At the moment I'm interested in my Leaf Razor, Palmolive cream with added orange oil and Five boar brushes in rotation. Everything else is superfluous....
No interest in natural hair brushes. Once Plissoft fibers became available, synthetics work better for me and feel better. Synbad, cashmere, etc have only improved upon them. I see synthetics becoming even better to the point where natural hair brushes will only be a novelty.


Anything other than Williams Mug Soap.
Anything other than a Cremo Horsehair Brush.
Anything other than a Van Der Hagen Razor
Anything other than Astra SP blades
Tough guy!! This is the ‘definition’ of minimalist IMO!! :clap: :clap::clap::clap:

For me, I do not ’need’ or use preshave oils or other preshave products. I also don’t use lather bowls or scuttles. Other than that I am open to most other ADs!!
Not interested in pre-shave oils. The only thing they were good at for me is making a huge mess. Not interested in bowls or scuttles as I only face lather. Not interested in shavettes or SE razors. Not interested in cheap knock-off razors.
Brushes beyond what I have already - these are all run of the mill and inexpensive
Shave Oils
SE razors
Cut throat razors - I bought a Parker shavette but was simply too scared to use it
Bowls and scuttles
Pre-shave oils
Croaps and creams
Balms (we don't have harsh winters here)
Colognes and EdTs, for the most part
The Veg!
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