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What general shaving items aren't you interested in?

Not interested in natural hair brushes anymore. Synthetics are so much better for me.

Not interested in colognes, but mostly because I am allergic to so many scents. I have a horrible intolerance of cedar and juniper. You'd be surprised how many scents that rules out.

I am interested in razors of all types, although that interest is waning a bit since I found the feather SS.
Not interested in the following:
Pre-shave oils/creams
Lather bowls (I face lather and took an old cereal bowl for the random bowl lather.)
Straight Razors, my hands shake a little due to a service related injury and I’m ugly enough without carving off stuff like my nose; lips; or ears.
Not interested in a Wolfman Razor. (It is very important for me to repeat this mantra every 30-45 minutes, in order to remain married!)
Not interested in owning any vintage Gillette Razors. But I admire them and look and handle them every chance I get. (I reserve the right to remove this one at a later date...you know it’s coming and then boom...Vintage RAD!)
Not interested in ever going back to a cart, too much irritation.
Not, I say again, NOT interested in a Wolfman Razor! (Oh boy, I hope it’s working.)
Not interested in synthetic brushes, I had two who ended in the trash bin. Not interested also in scuttles, as I lather exclusively on the face. Everything else - I have way too much products, enough for another lifetime, so I won't buy anything for shaving.
What a fun thread! My interests are limited by space. Most of a deep shelf in the bathroom, one shelf in the med cabinet, and what I can fit on a wall hung sink. That rules out scuttles and straight razors. Limits how many razors, brushes (shaving, hair, and boar hair beard brush).

The biggest thing I'm not interested in (yet) is a lifetime supply of anything. Right now I'm having way too much fun with sample packs. Every shave is as different from the last one as I want it. Some people have it dialed in to one or two setups. God bless you, man, but that's not me. Not right now anyways.
Over the course of my life shaving has gone from a dreaded chore to a fascinating hobby/obsession to... well, just something I do on a daily basis. I've identified several products that work for me and I'm not feeling any need to change that up, nor do I want to spend days, weeks, or months trying to master another shaving variant.

I will note that while I still shave with DE razors and blades now and then, for the most part I've returned to cartridge shaving thanks to Bic. I guess I'd have to answer that I'm no longer interested in SE, DE, straights, shavettes, brushes, soaps, creams, bowls, scuttles, or other paraphernalia beyond what I already have and know, especially the collecting aspect of the hobby. If something interesting pops up that I think might work for me, I might try it, but for the most part I'm trying to live up to the M in my signature block.
Nothing else except I’d like to get 100 more blades to complete my stash. I’ve got a nice little collection of vintage DEs and a couple of modern ones..... no desire to buy anymore EXCEPT that I’ve already got an Edwin Jagger DE86 on its way here right now... ahhh you know how it goes..... hopefully after that the AD will subside a little. lol 🤪🤪🤪
Synthetic brushes
Stainless steel razors or other heavy razors
Non rigid design DE razors
Not interested in most artisan soaps.
Anything that uses artist club blades.
Lately my interest in any of the gear has dropped because for now it seems I have found my perfect setup. I have some more work to do with the blades, still not sure which are favourite and I will need a replacement brush in a couple of years xD

I can tell you I never had interest in
SE razors
pre shave products
hot towels
collecting anything
In the process of showing my house, and you don’t realize how much gear you have until it all needs to go in the cabinet. Trying to go a month without a purchase.
  • I don’t care for the overly fruity soaps; subtle fresh manly scent is perfect.
  • SE
  • Dull “smooth” blades
  • Budget soaps - cannot prevent Williams from foaming into bubble bath consistency. Extra $10 is worth it
  • Wildly expensive DE. After improving technique, told wife to remove 6S from wishlist
No interest for purchase, but love watching others using them;
  1. Pre-Shave soaps/oils
  2. Beard Oils
  3. Straight Razors
  4. Shavettes
  5. Vintage Razors
No interested in at all in no way, shape, or form.
  1. Brushless Shave Creams/Soaps
  2. Canned Goo (Unless Barbasol once in awhile)



No interest in what I don't already use, which are:

Slant razors

Open Comb razors

Horsehair brush

Personna Med Prep or Lab Blue blades (made in Verona, VA, USA)

Vintage Oster tallow soap mixed 50/50 with modern Carden Farms glycerine soap
In an Old Spice mug

Face lathering (so, no lathering bowl or scuttle)

Lubriderm by way of aftershave

I have been at this since 1976, so I have tried a good many things which I don't use any longer. In other words, plenty of time to have figured out what works best for me. :)

I have collected straight razors, hones and strops. I have collected safety razors and blades. I have collected shaving brushes. I have a very large collection of soaps and creams.

Although I have a few post shave products, I rarely use them. They just do not interest me. I am not a fan of preshave products, either.


Water has worked for the last 30 years, and I doubt it will ever become ineffective.

Injectors and other single edge:
I have enough DE blades to see me out, and don't want to have to start getting stocks of other blades

Expensive DE razors:
I don't see the need. Cheap razors work great, and my ego doesn't need elite stuff.

Strongly scented soaps:
I find potent scents distracting during a shave, and would rather not be distracted from the sharp blade on my face

Hoarding soaps:
I have one main soap for home, and one main soap for travel. The occasional sample of something else, is plenty to stop the experience getting stale.

Bowls and other peripheral kit:
I have one traditional scuttle, and one wooden lather bowl (currently packed full of soap). That'll do.

More of the stuff that I do like:
I have two straights, one hanging strop (there is another smaller one, but that's pasted for pocket knives), and one stone set. I have a simple but diverse array of DE razors. I have a couple of novelty items that don't get used. That's me set for life. These don't feel like baggage, but any more would. I enjoy the activity of shaving, but not the accumulation of unnecessary stuff, or the inconsistency of shaves from frequent changes.
No interest in:
Straight razors
Carbon steel blades
Straight witch hazel
Ultra cheap soaps
Pre shave Oils
Cold water shaving
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