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What general shaving items aren't you interested in?

I have no interest in:

Shaving bowls - I have a Timeless bowl and I don't need more.
Shaving brushes - I have two and they are more than enough.
Alcohol based aftershaves - I don't see any benefits from them.
Pre-shave oils/creams - totally useless and waste of money imho.
Expensive artiasn soaps - I don't believe that they are better than Arko for example and I really don't care about the scent.
Paying more than 100$ for a DE/SE razors - paying 10x more for products which other companies are making 10x cheaper using the same materials, CNC machines and tools is not my thing.
I have never used a preshave other than hot water, a lathering bowl other than the containers in which pucks came, any aftershave treatment other than an alcohol aftershave or cologne splash, witch hazel, alum, or anything else. I like it simple. I think I have found my "it" soap, MdC Fougere, and so am not interested in other soaps. I have two relatively new brushes and so am likely set for life. If I have any lingering interest it might be at least an openness to a new blade and a mild interest in multiplate razors like Rockwells. However, I am pleased enough with my razor and preferred blades that those interests are pretty theoretical.
Not realy interested in

Multi blade carts with a lubra strip they irritate my skin.

Canned foam, gell etc same issue

Straight razors, shavettes, etc they are pretty but do not need.

Aftershave somehow I never buy the stuff has something to do with the fact of difficult to get the us stuff
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Im on a one year sabbatical on purchasing anything that I already have, so I’m going to amend my original list.

Straight razor. I shake too much
Alcohol based aftershaves. My skin breaks out.
Cartridge razors. Need I explain?
Electric razors. I just don’t see the need.
DE Razors of any kind, unless my Rockwell should somehow break.
Blades. I have 300+ Feather blades. I shouldn't ever need any more blades.
Soap/cream. Ive got an almost new puck of MWF, a container of Jermyn Street that is 3/4 full, 30 samples of TOBS and 5 samples of Stirling. I cant imagine needing any more soap until 2022.
Brushes. This one is hard. I would like another RR 400 Plissoft, but I have three brushes now. It will just have to wait until next year.
After Shave Care. I have 3 bottles of Nivea, a big bottle of Hyaluronic Acid, two CeraVe AM moisturizers and a half used tub of First Aid moisturizer. Of all that, I might have to replenish the moistures, but everything else is good.
Bowls. I have three no need or space for more.

What else could I possibly need or want? That F400 keeps calling my name.
From my side no interest in:

Shaving bowls/scuttles: I face lather.

Preshaves: they don't really work for me.

ASL/ASB: whatever I use does not improve my after shave skin condition. Cold water works best for me.

Shaving soaps/creams: I have enough.

Blades: see "Shaving soaps".

Straight razors/honing stones etc.: in theory they sound great but I don't want to get into another rabbit hole, much less spend time on the honing learning curve. For the razor learning curve the time would be less, considering I've used Feather AS razors for a long period but the SR maintenance part holds me back.
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Not interested: Mitchells Wool Fat, Feather blades, Dorcos, scuttles, boar or synthetic brushes, single edged razors, the Veg, straights, pre-shave items, Hai Karate, any carbon blade, the Gillette Toggle and colloidal silver.
Not interested: Mitchells Wool Fat, Feather blades, Dorcos, scuttles, boar or synthetic brushes, single edged razors, the Veg, straights, pre-shave items, Hai Karate, any carbon blade, the Gillette Toggle and colloidal silver.

Don't dismiss the Dorco Prime Platinum STP301 blades too quickly. They are excellent blades, both sharp and smooth.
Not interested in:
  • Straights
  • pre-shaves
  • new razors, with two exceptions* **
i recently revamped my razor lineup by sending away two aggressive razors for two milder razors: Wunderbar and Kampfe Star out, Gillette NEW and a birth year & quarter Gillette Slim in. First Slim: really liking it! I also acquired a Schick Golden 500—getting great shaves with this one as well.

*I stay on the lookout for a Personna Floating Head injector. I gave mine to my wife because they are efficient, but safe, but I miss it more than any other razor I no longer have (use).
**Another artist club razor. I have only owned a Black Hawk V2 and it is very good, but it is the only AC I’ve used.
I have no interest in scuttles or bowls. Birth year/quarter razors, SE razors, preshave products (a shower is enough), aftershave lotions/potions/balms or splashes, acquiring more brushes.

Although there are some soaps I would like to try, I will not be buying more until I have used what I have. Probably be 2030 before I buy more.

I think I have reached the point where in the next 10 years or so my only shaving related expense will be another set of films to hone my straights. I will probably give a DE, a load of blades, soap and brush to my nephew if he's interested.
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