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What Are You Reading?

The Knize

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I just finished the latest Jack Reacher and Bosch books. Although I am doing these via Audible and probably slept through lots of them.


I’m working my way through Steve McHugh’s books. The Hellequin Chronicles followed by The Avalon Chronicles. Doing so in anticipation of the release of the first book of his upcoming series The Rebellion Chronicles later this month.
Had started "New Girl" by Daniel Silva then the iPad died a few days ago. Of course my 1st e-book purchase would go this route. <sigh> :)


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54 pages in, on chapter 10. It’s getting good!
You can’t beat a good page turner. Da Vinci Code is one of them. Ready Player One was too.

Like you, I’m doing my book shopping on my own shelves and in the library. There is only so much space in the house, and let’s face it, there are only a few books that I need to own. The chance of me doing a whole lot of re-reads is pretty slim.
Going to make my way through reading everything in my bookcase. Starting with The Da Vinci Code
Very nice! When I moved a few years back I donated a ton of books (books are heavy to move!) and kept about 35-40 of my favorites. I've been revisiting some of them lately.