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Help identifying what I have?

Hello all, first post here. I bought an auction lot of vintage razors (saw some Gillettes i'd wanted) and it came with this straight razor. I'm very much a novice in the straight razor world but if possible because I know its in rough shape right now, can anyone potentially identify what i have? Unfortunately the markings on the blade are either too far gone or covered up by surface rust(?) so my camera wont really pick it up, but from what i can make out they look very similar to this font/ wording in the Ebay screenshot I have also included. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Dave himself

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Hi and welcome to B&B, sorry but I can't help you with IDing your razor. But I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help.
The one in the screenshot is a J.R. Torrey (USA). The one you have is made in Germany. Unfortunately, I also cannot read the stamp, but considering how many makers, sellers and brands existed in Germany, it is probably hard to identify it.
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