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Welcome To Our Newest Members As Of 2/5/06!

We would like to welcome our newest 14 members to this site! :badger: This past week the following members have joined us!!!

We’re glad to have you, hope you’ll visit often, and look forward to your postings.

Also, when you have a chance, make sure you check out the following areas:

  • Take time to post a thread about yourself in the Hall of Fame forum.

  • Add your mark on our Google Map (instructions), if you so desire.

  • Join us in our monthly scheduled chat session the first Sunday of the month 5pm P.S.T. The more the merrier!

Again, welcome!

Badger & Blade Mods
Welcome all. Some of you have already gotten your feet wet posting! :a14: Now, for the rest of you.......jump right in!!

drkevork said:
thank you for the welcome!.... Gentleman start your razors.:001_tt1:

Hmm, a Dr. "Kevork" on a forum that deals with proper cut throat usage? :sosp:

I kid, I kid! Welcome aboard. :wink:

i hope to perfect my shaving from the barbaric chore to the refined art form i am seeing in this forum. I need a cheap razor recomendation to replace my gillette sensor, something not too expensive as most of my extra money goes for imported beer as i am also a raging alcoholic with a taste for exotic imported beer. I notice that you guys even sell your old razors in the sell/trade thread... isnt a razor kind of a weird item to buy used. like saying "your body fluids have been on this but i'll give you a good deal"?

That's one of the great things about real metal razors...they can be boiled, polished, soaked in alcohol, dipped in Barbicide, run through a light bleach solution, whatever, and come out clean! Since CHEAP is a relative term (yeah, all of my relatives are cheap, so I come by it honest), if you want to start new, go with the Merkur HD Classic. For just a bit more you can get the Merkur Progress adjustable. And for your current little addiction, we have a 12 step program...buy soaps, buy creams, buy razors, buy brushes...each step begins with "buy". Let us know what "gear" you decide to go with!

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