Weck Wednesdays

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Feather-man, Apr 19, 2017.

    It’s Weck Wednesday!!

    If I could have only one razor for the rest of my life it would be this one. Incredible shaver that I could walk away with one pass if I wanted.

    Weck Prep w/Personna blade

    Shaving nirvana!


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    Fun shave today with my Weck medical sextoblade for the first pass (with the guard) and my Razorock Hawk razor for the second pass. A dynamic duo for sure!


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  2. I too used my steel Weck medical today. Nice results, but I find that with the guard, there are a couple of patches that I can't quite get as close as I'd like.

    I too resorted to another tool to finish up. Maybe next time I'll go without the guard for those last bits.
  3. Weck Prep. Works for me.
  4. I agree! I normally don’t use the guard and it is an incredible shaver like the ultimate frameback :)

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  5. Another fine Weck Wednesday with the Sextoblade trade sample.

    The blade is still working really well at 22 shaves. Part of me wants to give it a few laps on the cotton side of the strop to see if it makes a difference, and the other part wants me to leave it as-is to see how many shaves it goes without intervention.
  6. Weck Wednesday, and so now the skinny handle version of the Surgical Prep. Same performance and shave as the flat handle Surgical Prep. The only difference is the grip. I think the part about SEptember that I like most is that it forces me to do Weck Wednesdays again.
  7. For WW, I went with the big medical Sextoblade and used the guard. I haven’t used the guard for months and had forgotten how effortless and carefree it makes the shave. It’s great to have choices.
  8. Forgot to post my WW shave yesterday, so here is my tandem shave- Wilkinson Empire razor and my Sextoblade B


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  9. Right you are! Do you flip the guard when you change hands or do you use one hand for the whole shave?

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  10. I'm a flipper. I can shave with one hand, but I'm not as comfortable with it as I am shaving with both hands. I've got guard flipping down to an art - I do it as I'm switching the razor from one hand to the other.
  11. I know it’s not Wednesday, but I had my first shave with a Weck today. Been following this thread and acquired the one I’ve wanted last week!
  12. You can use a Weck any day you like and post here. We like pictures, but some of us (yeah, me) are lazy and rarely take pics ;-)

    Nice looking razor - that's the one I used last shave. How did your first shave go? Are you a beginner with straights, of experienced?
  13. Weck Wednesday

    Shaved with this guy. I know it doesn't have a Weck blade in it, but it says Weck on the cap.
  14. Hess 1010 got the call today. Great razor!


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  15. Late reply, just saw your post. I am brand new to straights. First shave went well. This razor is to be respected for sure! This razor will let you know what you can and can’t get away with! Each shave has gotten considerably better and I’ve grown more confident with it. I’ve had fun learning angles and technique. Makes that first complete shave very satisfying.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I came >this< close to also using the Hess 1010 today, but instead went with the Wecprep Medical Sextoblade.

    I had a nice traditional straight shave using a boar brush and a period-correct old-timey soap - Mitchell's Wool Fat. I don't know exactly when the medical Sextoblade was made, but I like to think I could have had the same razor/soap combo during WW-II or the Korean War.
  18. Weck Wednesday again and here is a Weck that needs no introduction


    BTW @Sdm84, hope the hurricane doesn't get to you like the one last year.
  19. It's not Wednesday, but ...

    Extreme rush this morning - got my dates confused when I misread an email last night.

    Decided to try my first dry shave with a straight - Wecprep Medical Sextoblade with a blade on it's 24th shave. I chickened out and used the guard though - I don't think I'm ready for a naked blade. The shave went really really well, super fast and comfortable. I was surprised. Not a very close shave, but unless I hug my boss (60 year old dude), no one will notice. One of the (few) advantages of a grey/white beard ;-)

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