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    Weck Prep / Personna

    You only go 'round once in life, so you've got to go for all the gusto you can. The Weck Prep, the razor that made Brooklyn famous.

  1. [​IMG]
    I know, I know, not Wednesday again. Not sure if I’m late for last Wednesday, or early for this one.
  2. Weck Prep Weck Prep Weck Prep Weck Prep Weck Prep Weck Prep Weck Prep Weck Prep / Personna

    (this is Weck week for me)

  3. Oops, forgot to post last Wednesday's shave.

    I fished out the baby Weck, and used it without the guard. It's still a bit too small and cramped for daily use, but it's still fun to use. At 26 shaves, the blade was a bit tuggy, but the results were perfect with no irritation.

    Watched a shaving video where an old barber was using a shavette that took what looked like hair shaper blades. He stropped it multiple times between each pass.
  4. Forgot to post mine, but then I'm exclusively Weck these days.
  5. Weck Tuesday. EWecktion day.
  6. Hahahaha
  7. Medical Corps Weck. It was due for an outing.
  8. Weck Thursday just because.
  9. Getting back into my normal rotation. Weck Wednesday - Surgical Prep with skinny handle. How could I have gone for two weeks without a Weck?
  10. Dropped your Guard?
  11. Weck Sextoblade "Trade Sample Not For Sale". Me like.
  12. Used the Giant Rake (Wecprep Medical SE) for Weck Wednesday, but this razor has one major flaw. The shave is over too quickly. After two passes, there's nothing left to cut, and each pass probably has half the number of strokes than a DE due to the extra-wide blade.
  13. You could shave other parts of your body. ;-)
  14. I think that's what it was made for ;-)
  15. Mar 6: Weck Wednesday

    Lather: RazoRock The Stallion
    Brush: Vie-Long 13071M brown horse-hair (24/52mm)
    Razor: Hess 1010 "EZY Shave"
    Blade: Personna Hair Shaper [36]
    Post: Divine Essence Witch Hazel Floral Water

    Hmmmm, it's been quiet around here. FWIW, today was my 375th straight shave.

    Dusted off the EZY Shave AKA Weck Sextoblade 2.0 today and it was a wonderful shave as usual. This razor has a lot less exposure than the OG Sextoblades, but with such a rigid blade, it doesn't make the shave any different.

    The blade is still hanging on there. No issues with tugging while shaving, but I got a bit of a raw feeling for just a few minutes after the shave. Don't know if it's me or the blade, but most likely a combination of both. My first three blades went 25, 48, and 20 shaves, so it's probably due.

    Happy Weck shaves to all.
  16. Got back to my Medical Corps steel Weck shavette today and was glad I did.
  17. Mar 20: Brown Soap on Weck Wednesday

    Lather: CFG Pine Tar
    Brush: Plisson pour l'Occitane synthetic (21/55mm)
    Razor: Weck Sextoblade "Trade Sample Not For Sale"
    Blade: Personna Hair Shaper [38]
    Post: Divine Essence Witch Hazel Floral Water
    Balm: Chatillon Lux Colonia Balsamica Salve

    Great shave from a Weck as usual.

    If you're into vintage shavettes like I am, a great compliment to your Weck is a Durham Duplex. They're cheap, shave great, and have been around a couple of years before the Weck (1907 vs 1909).
  18. Yesterday, I used the Weck 2.0 - my Hess 1010 EZY-Shave. Great shave on a Personna blade on its 39th use.

    Wednesdays are not the only Weck-approved shave days. Up for today was the
    all-stainless Wecprep Medical Sextoblade with guard today, just because I had such a great shave yesterday. This razor will last forever, and can be run over with a car with no ill effects. Try that with your Wolfman ;-)
  19. Weck Wednesday with the "Trade Sample Not For Sale" Sextoblade and a Personna Hair Sharper on it's 41st shave.

    If I didn't have so many good razors to rotate through, every day would be Weck Wednesday.

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