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    Weck Thursday, Weck Surgical Prep. Mowed them whiskers down.
  1. Has any one tried to change the scales in a weck sextoblade?
  2. Although I've never done it myself, it should be no different than rescaling a regular straight Pop over to the Straight Razor Restoration forum here on B&B for lots of experts and rescaling posts.
  3. Apr 24: Weck Wednesday

    Lather: RazoRock Zi' Peppino
    Brush: Omega 0196745 BLACK Hi-Brush (24/56mm)
    Razor: Weck Wecprep Medical Sextoblade w/guard
    Blade: Personna Hair Shaper [43]
    Post: Pur-est Blue/AV Ice Blue/Vetiver
    Balm: Chatillon Lux Colonia Balsamica Salve

    I was bored yesterday and stropped some of my straights. I looked at the big metal Sextoblade and thought why not. After 42 shaves on this blade it can’t hurt.

    50 laps on cotton webbing and 50 on leather and the shave was butter. I’m probably not going to make stropping disposable blades a habit, but it’s nice to know that it works.
  4. Yellow handle regular Sextoblade with a fresh Personna on this Weck Wednesday. Nice.
  5. May 8: Fine Fresh Vetiver on Weck Wednesday

    Lather: Fine Fresh Vetiver
    Brush: Zenith B07-EURO bleached boar (24/57mm)
    Razor: Hess 1010 "EZY Shave"
    Blade: Personna Hair Shaper [44]

    Used the EZY Shave today, AKA Weck Sextoblade 2.0. The Hair Shaper blade seems to have fallen off a cliff since my last shave. 44 shaves is a great run, and it is time to retire it with honors.
  6. Metal Medical Corps Sextoblade on this Weck Wednesday.
    Gave myself a small nick while addressing the soul patch area...but otherwise a very nice outing.
  7. Got too aggressive on Weck Wednesday yesterday trying to get my trouble spot on the throat clean.
    The result: two visible red lines and a bit of burn. Not good.
  8. Back on the horse this Weck Wednesday.
    I was careful not to get too greedy and results were much better.
    Carelessness still caused a slight nick on the upper lip, though.
  9. I keep forgetting to round off the corners on a new blade for my Sextoblade, so I've skipped a few Wednesdays. Gotta fix that.
  10. Yellow handle regular Sextoblade on this Weck Wednesday.
    No nicks...nice outing.
  11. Jun 23: First Shave with Fromm Blade

    Lather: Gillette Pure Shaving Cream
    Brush: Omega 0196745 BLACK Hi-Brush (24/56mm)
    Razor: Weck Wecprep Medical Sextoblade
    Blade: Fromm Edge Ahead [1]
    Balm: Aqua Velva Sensitive 5 in 1
    Pomade: Lockhart's Goon Grease

    I know it's not Wednesday, but I finally rounded the corners of a new blade, so I decided to use the Sextoblade.

    It was my first shave with the Fromm Edge Ahead "Japanese Steel" blades, having exclusively used the Personnas till now in all my Weck-type razors. This blade felt buttery smooth, not harsh like the Personnas. Great 4-pass shave, but when I decided to do an alum test, it burned everywhere. Oh well - that's what post-shave products are for.
  12. Jul 4: Weck Thursday

    Lather: XPEC Original Shaving Cream
    Brush: Omega 0196745 BLACK Hi-Brush (24/56mm)
    Razor: Weck Wecprep Medical Sextoblade w/guard
    Blade: Fromm Edge Ahead [3]
    Post: Pur-est Blue/AV Ice Blue/WH/Menthol

    Using a Weck on a Thursday - why not? Today's shave was ultra smooth with the still newish blade. I had a little trouble lathering the XPEC though, but not because of the soap itself. The piece that's left in the salsa bowl was only about dime size in diameter, so it was hard to pick up much soap. I maybe have one shave left, and I've squished the remains down into a paper-thin maybe loonie sized blob for next time.
  13. Jul 10: All-Italian Weck Wednesday

    Lather: Proraso White (green tea and oatmeal)
    Brush: Mondial vintage synthetic (24/50mm)
    Razor: Weck Wecprep Medical Sextoblade w/guard
    Blade: Fromm Edge Ahead [5]
    Splash: Floid Blue with lots of added menthol

    Today's shave was all-Italian (except for the Sextoblade ;-) Three passes and no hint of irritation. I think it's official - I prefer these Fromm Edge Ahead blades to the Personna Hair Shapers.

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