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    The famous Weck Wednesday thread.
  1. Weckdate: Wednesday April 19th 2017

    Weck Surgical Prep OC / Personna Glide Coated Super Stainless Steel Hair Shaper
    Mitchell's Wool Fat soap
    Plisson Ferrari Red brush
    Proraso green Menthol Eucalyptus lozione dopobarba

  2. Lol! This is GREAT!! Keep it going! I forgot it was Wednesday so after I saw this I did a quick 1 pass with my WECK Milady :)

  3. Got my Dovo Shavette with the green insert on deck for tonight's shave. Yeah, I know this is an SE forum, but then Weck Wednesday will be limited to just two razors. @imabator don't you have a Weck? I'm sure the RX can wait one day.
  4. I cheated and did a half and half shave. Half with the RX and the other with the Weck Surgical. Ended up with a great shave on both sides.
  5. Edward Weck would not object.
  6. I'm ready- here is my mighty WECK arsenal!!!

  7. Lineup change tonight. Dovo was on deck, but got replaced by my pimped out Hess 1010.

    Hess 1010 Tiger
    Chinese horse hair knot in a WD handle
    Fine Santal Absolut soap
    HSC Lemi Poni'ala AS balm

  8. That is a really neat shavette! How difficult are they to find?
  9. The Hess EZY Shave 1010 is out of production and pops up on ebay less times than the Weck surgical Prep. It was an interesting razor because it naturally took the Weck blade, but had two inserts to be able to take the injector blade. I always modified one insert to be able to take a Feather AC blade. The scales came from a vintage Japanese shavette that was not worth restoring the blade portion. The stock Hess is on the market again as the Hess 2020. I got one but found out that the Weck blade is a tight fit at first but will loosen up over time the more you use it. Great shaver. It is kind of like the Feather where only a small portion of the cutting edge is exposed to give you a safer shave.
  10. About tight fits. Something I just noticed with the Weck surgical prep is that the blade fits much tighter on one side of the blade compared to the other. Is this normal?
  11. I don't know how "normal" it is, but I do find that sometimes a blade is loose or tight sliding in depending on which side I slide it in from and what blade I'm using. I haven't notice the different sides of the same blade, but could probably understand it. The blade it completely held in place by friction at the back end where it slides in and the front comb under the cutting edge. If the blade is just slightly out of tolerance, it might be tight or loose. Strange thing is that I had the most problems with the vintage Weck blades in the yellow box.
  12. A stock hair shaper blade in my Milady is loose and slides around. I tape the spine with scotch tape to keep that from happening. Vintage WECK blades seem not to have this problem as the spine seems just a little thicker.
  13. Guess what day it is?!?!?? WECK WEDNESDAY!!

    My contribution was a stellar shave from my hair shaper (I think it might have been called the "bantam" before it was the "hair shaper") if you want to really test your technique- try shaving with one of these!


    As a side note- nowhere near as good as my sextoblade ;)
  14. Deelyte

    Deelyte Contributor

    I decided to join in today with a WECK SEXTOBLADE shave today. I haven't used this particular razor in quite some time. So a little love for the WECK
  15. Weckdate Wednesday May 3rd, 2017

    Weck Surgical Prep OC / Personna Glide Coated Super Stainless Steel Hair Shaper
  16. Are these different than the regular Personal blades I get at Sally's?

    Jumping in with the Weck Surgical today.
  17. Have no idea, it's the text they have on the box. "25% sharper! Proudly made in the USA". Make American Shaves Again.
  18. @Sdm84 gave me a great idea for Weck Wednesday. I pulled out my hair shaper I got 47 years ago from my cousin who was a beautician in Hilo, HI. I was going off to college in Ohio and so she taught me how to give myself a hair cut and gave me two of her older Weck Hair Shapers. I trimmed my hair and learned to shave with it in college and when I returned to wet shaving a few years ago, I pulled out the Wecks and started down the road again. I PIFed one of my Wecks a couple of months ago to someone that hacked himself up badly, but I kept the other one and dug it out for tonight's shave.


    I had forgotten that the shaving characteristics were different because of it's smaller size and weight, but I remembered very fast. One of the strange characteristics of the hair shaper is that it does better ATG than WTG.
  19. Cool Les! I guess the guy you PIF'd found out how unforgiving they are :)

    That a really nice one I like the bronze looking scales. You are right they ARE better ATG I thought it was just me!

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