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We Lost A Dear Friend


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A few years back I put a couple of brushes in Sue charity auction for breast cancer, it was the first time I believe that I was able to do so.
It was a brush that I didn't really want to part with, I really really liked the look.
I guess Mark did as well, he made several generous bids and final had the winning bid . That started our friendship, and when I found out that he was from Ohio that was another thing we had in common . Great poster and a super nice Guy.
I think it was last year or the year before he sent me a picture of that brush and it was still in beautiful shape.
Going to miss Him 😔
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Sad news; the majority of people think: Covid is just a cold like virus....it ISN'T: I have 2 good friends, Drs, who NEVER returned to normal after getting this demonic infection....; one had blood clots in the lung a while after the first infection....ended in the hospital many times....this is a daily runner, in good shape........; it ain't "just a cold". God rest your friends soul in heaven.


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So sad to hear this. My deepest sympathy to all his family and loved ones. Thank you to the OP for bringing this to the community's attention.

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I just discovered this sad news while shopping for one of Frank's soaps. The tribute soap jumped out at me. I know how close Frank and Mark were.

Although I had only superficial interactions with Mark he seemed to be a good guy in all respects. I know he was close to several gentlemen I regard as friends. My condolences to his family and to all who are suffering his loss.

I did not know mark but I believe hell wake up on the other side and shave on in heavan, may his shaves be BBS everytime! I apologize for all you who were close or far from him, thank you for sharing these kind words
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