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What brand RAZOR did Oscar Wilde shave with?!

Here are a few more razors that would have been available to Wilde. If on the other hand he had chosen to be pampered there was a Cigar Divan within easy walking distance of his home in Chelsea that offered tobacco and shaving. Some of the London Cigar Divan’s were regarded by a few as dens of iniquity and a bad influence on the young men of the time.
Nice research and photos @Ankerwycke !
Quiet in our Wilde thread today (and I'm still waiting for my book on Wilde to arrive (The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde by Joseph Pearce), so I figured I would add this tidbit.

We all have more than one razor, because, well, sometimes we want variety, and other times we *need* a different razor from our usual, for whatever reason. The same is with languages at times (esp NYC!) where sometimes another languge is needed to be understood. In that vein, Oscar Wilde was quite the linguist! After studying Greek for nine(!) years, he was an exceptional linguist and spoke English, German, French with a working knowledge of Italian and Greek. Oddly enough, he could not speak a single word of Irish (even though he was born in Dublin!) 🙀
My book came, supplemented by my ongoing research. today’s tidbit on Oscar Wilde, whom some people call the first modern celebrity(!). Keep Wilde alive today's comment:

I read that he had a famous (and smart) father: Sir William Wilde. He was descended from a Dutch colonel who had come to Ireland with King William III. Sir William was prominent in Ireland (where Oscar was born) for being the most popular surgeon for eyes and ears. Sir William was actually knighted for his accomplishments as a surgeon!

AND Oscar’s mother was also a writer (somewhat uncommon in those days for women to write, as we know many had to take male pseudonyms). Jane Wilde was a well-known Irish poet and Irish nationalist. She wrote under the pseudonym “Speranza” in support of the 1848 uprising in Ireland. Based on her death date in 1896, seems as though she died while Oscar was in prison (I can imagine she may have been in a state of unhappiness, to boot, about her son.)

The apple did not fall far from the tree for Oscar, considering his parents' intellectual prowess (though his wit was all his own!).
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