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    Scalloped bezel, did you say scalloped bezel?

  1. Gave the DJII a break today as I just acquired this Tudor BB

  2. Lorier again today.

  3. May 4th
  4. An old bullhead speedtimer today. I see that the date is wrong - it's the 5th. Oh well. - that's why we have phones so we know the real time. One annoying feature of this watch - and I have checked that it is authentic - is that the hands are NOT lumed. Only the markers are. Completely useless but it does differentiate it from the more typical case.

  5. Hand wound Credor Spring Drive today.

    E32AD073-6346-4B19-BEB9-A4A71BB5C44A.jpeg 4E8E453D-2F57-4489-866F-782122939D34.jpeg
  6. The weekend choice, both yesterday and today. This '50s era Glycine 18-jewel dress watch features dramatic lugs on its 18 kt solid gold case. It's the first vintage watch I acquired and I've had it since about 1983.

  7. Some nice watches in here gents!

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  8. Speedy Reduced today.

  9. Back to the DJII but will now work on some rotation now that my time trials are over since getting it back from being regulated
  10. Submariner today to go with the sunshine.....

  11. Nezumi Voiture today.

  12. Zulu simplicity
  13. Lorier on distressed leather again today.

  14. Pink gold Ball trainmaster with tritium tubes for nighttime visibility. It’s my dedicated travel watch (it has a hidden second hour hand (red) that pops into use to track a second time zone). Stumbled into this one on a lark a little over a year ago and got a smoking deal on it I couldn’t refuse. These crappy cell phone pics don’t do the raised indices justice.

    B001A61C-104F-4150-B0F3-A357E7868613.jpeg 319F8438-D96E-46B5-A4E3-04D3D168CBF7.jpeg
  15. AED49B06-27B4-47B1-87E4-6F3CA24C7D26.jpeg Marinemaster
  16. Going to this Tudor a good run to see how accurate she is

  17. 45198656-6C7E-4842-85EE-17F5E4E0E228.jpeg G Shock MT-G
  18. Monstrous day here .. Orange version ..

  19. Explorer...


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