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Watch Ya Wearing

Same as everyday for now. Movado SE.

I bought an Enicar on ebay and it should arrive soon. It may be a bit beat up but I think it should be wearable.

I actually fell in love with an Enicar that one of the mods was wearing in a photo posted here. I wish I could find one like that. Yowza!
Wow! I love those Stowa watches.
I do, too. I embarked on a loooong watch search early last year, and was very happy when I found Stowa. There are other companies that make comparable watches in style, but they want 2x to 10x the money that Stowa charges.
I know most folks don't care for Movado but I'm adamant that whatever I wear has a clean and simple design. No offense to the diver/submariner/chrono guys. I just can't hack wearing a busy watch. So the Museum Watch style or that Stowa are perfect for me.
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