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Vintage Osco Double Edge Blades

I have been using various modern blades from a sample pack for the past month or so with mostly sub-par performance. My joy of shaving had been diminished somewhat so tonight I cracked open a pack of Osco blades that I bought from a member here on the BST a few months back. They are private label 80's Personna Super Platinum Chrome blades in disguise which are in my top 2 all time favourite of vintage blades. I used that same soap/razor combo as with the modern blades from the sampler pack and the difference was night and day, just incredible. Smooth, sharp and no effort whatsoever for a near perfect shave. It made me question why I even bothered ordering the sample pack other than wanting to try something new. This is not a knock on modern blades, as I found one in my sampler: Sharp Titanium that gave a much better shave than all the others I've tried recently and in the past before going the vintage route. q3hrlaf50ot21.jpg
Interesting, I have not heard much of Osco blades. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Osco was a drugstore chain in the Chicago area. Still is, somewhat; it’s now the brand name of the pharmacy inside Jewel grocery stores and the stores are called Jewel-Osco (owned by Albertson’s.) These are private label Personna blades, probably from 1985-1995, back when ASR was still making blades in the US for retail sale.