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Anyone here vape? I quite my pack a day habit in Nov of 2013, and been building my own atomizers since then, but I decided to be lazy and recently bought a Nautilus X clearomizer with prebuilt coils.

Let's talk about rigs, vapers

Prof. Moriarty

Yes there is a vaping forum, pretty sure this thread will be in there soon. I am currently using my mushroom squonker, Hadaly with a bell cap, SS clapton build, and some hot mess


Used to have fun with Commander Yellow Pantyhose

This thread's been moved to the Vaping Subforum.


Moderator Emeritus
Yep, and you are in the right place now. :laugh:

I use a fuchai 213 currently mounted with a fumytec cyclon that I just put a new pair of twisted fused claptons I made.
Oh sorry for posting in the wrong space, and thanks for the move admin.

I have about 15 mechanical mods, and god knows how many atomizers, mainly clones from Fasttech in various conditions. Even though I love my Kayfuns and Orchids, I got really sick of fiddling with the crap all the time and dealing with leaks, especially at work.

I've been using this Nautilus X pretty exclusively for a week now. The flavor leaves a bit to be desired, but the fact that it's leak free won me over, big time.

Prof. Moriarty

What mechs do you have mate? I tried going back to tanks but with the squonker I get the best of both worlds pretty much.
Let's see if I can go by memory...

  • Dominus Fecit
  • Pegasus (in copper)
  • 3 Nemesis clones, with hybrid caps, various aluminum tube sets, pin extenders, etc.
  • 5 GP Paps clones (I harvested the wonderful Paps switches from them, 20x1mm threading means I can use them on various other mechs)
  • JM 22 in stainless with Paps switch and cap
Well that's all I can remember now, I'll have to dig around my drawer when I get home and report back hah
An IPV D2 I've had shelved for god knows how long. The B&M shop lied when they sold it to me, told me the temp control function worked with stainless coils. It doesn't. Only nickel and titanium, which I flat out refuse to use. Anyway, the TC fad has passed, and wattage is wattage so that's what I'm using with my Nautilus. Just have to be careful with my resistances as these IPVs do not have step down.

Current setup:
Old School:

Launcher and Kayfun

Nemmie in '350 mode and Kayfun

JM22 with Paps switch and Magma dripper

Dominus Fecit and Orchid base / Aqua V2 chamber and bellcap

Nemmie in 350 and SOD5K

Nemesis + Freakshow Mini, and Launcher + GP Heron
Tesla BioMech and GP Heron

Copper Pegasus and Orchid Base, Kayfun 4 chamber, and standard bellcap

Back when I vaped for the 4th International


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