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New shaving habits since Covid

Huge change for me. After decades of a permanent light beard, trimmed with clippers every couple of weeks, I started frequent wet shaving again (every 1-2 days) for the very practical reason that virus filtering masks don't work with hairy faces.

Still doing it for that reason, but also now because being clean shaven takes at least 10 years off my age, which at 60yo and with an almost completely white beard is a plus. Though the increasingly sagging face is still a giveaway. :wheelchair:

Besides, we all need a ritual obsession distraction purpose hobby in our life.
nothing changed for me but for going out to town less. luckily, I've got room to walk and play with the dogs, sky and star gaze in my yard, and can't see my neighbors doing whatever they did.

seriously good job on the fitness though. kudos.
For me shaving changed entirely during COVID times. I had tried wet shaving a couple times, but went back to electric. During COVID I needed a good hobby/distraction and I picked this up with the intent of developing some skills and trying lots of different razors. I'm totally not obsessed now. I could stop at any time. ;)
Perhaps a little different here, but going into Covid, I was already on something of a shaving slump. For the first 10-ish years of DE shaving, I tended to think that shaves "must" be full, 3 pass shaves. As a result, by about year 6-7, I skipped shaves pretty regularly and was mowing it down every 3-4 days. Covid exacerbated the trend, and I was mowing the weeds down once a week.

I don't care for the feeling of stubble, so it wasn't like I was acting out my facial hair preference - it was pure malaise. When it was time to go back into the office more regularly (and when being in the office started meaning face to face meetings again), I decided I needed to rethink it all because it was clear that what I was doing was not working.

I started shaving daily again, but on weekdays allowed myself to accept some convenience and have what I would call the average guy's shave in the 50's - 1 pass, speed-oriented, and no more snobbery about brushless products - or even canned if that's what it took to make it happen daily, Meanwhile, save the good stuff for the weekend. I also bought a good bunch of various samples so I had a lot of novelty to look forward to. Not very exciting to report that I had to move toward convenience to make it happen, but so far it's worked and the reset in mindset has been beneficial in having me show up to work freshly shaven like I’d prefer.
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My major change was related to my wife working from home so she wasn’t leaving the house on her 45 minute commute every day. This pushed back my start time most mornings, and as a strange result I had more time to shave ( I changed my arrival time getting to work … nice to be essential ). So now I do dumb things like take pictures of my daily shave setup, and additional prep steps.

Oddly enough more prep and taking my time results in better shaves. Who would have thunk it?


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I've been retired for 12 years, so Covid provided no change to my daily shave. It did put quite a dent in my social life.
I started making videos of my shaves, mounting my phone on the mirror and learning to blather while I lather. I've gotten pretty good at it over the course of things, and it's surprising how you can review to refine technique while watching back on your efforts. Not to mention my patter has gotten a lot snappier.

Sadly, they're not posted anywhere, at least not until I retire. I'm pretty outspoken when I'm talking to myself, and I had a lot to fuss about during the last few years. Many of my rants would be career-limiting if cast on the inter-webs in today's sensitive social climate (however therapeutic they were for me). Maybe I'll launch a well-stocked Rumble channel when I quit working... check back in 10 years or so!
Absolutely nothing changed in my shaving routine. Covid or not. Have been shaving every morning for almost 20 years. Even during covid when I had it pretty bad. In the worst 4 days had to lie in bed most of the time with fever, but I got up in the morning and shaved.
1) I shaved my long beard

2) bought some expensive gear , that I would probably not have bought before....but life is too short.
Didn’t really experience COVID in the US. The rest of the world however. Shaving didn’t change at all. My abulto go home did. I was stuck in a ship less than 5 miles from home and saw my family for about 5 hours. Then deployed for 7 months. So about 11 months passed before I could step in the front door. That was DOD civilian on a USNS.


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I am usually an evening shaver, because I am usually BUSY in the morning and sleepy. I am also rather a night owl.

During Covid, I had so much time in the morning that I sometimes shaved already there... actually the opposite of what happened to you. :c9:

I noticed that I tend to feel more pain in the morning.
In a 2015 study, Israeli researchers exposed a group of men to heat and cold pain at different times of the day. They found that men were least sensitive to the pain during the morning.

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No changes at all to any of my grooming and personal care routines. I was already well stocked up on blades and soaps beforehand, so any shortages of supplies that may have happened would not have affected me.
It didn't affect my shaving habits, I really never believed in COVID, effectiveness of the masks or the vaccines. The minister of health did admit in an interview that it was a medical experiment, the prime minister did admit that the masks didn't do anything but they still decided to make them mandatory.

The only way how this could have affected your shave is if you try to shave with a mask :lol:
Well, during Covid I only used cans (gillette, barbasol). Now after getting into this hobby I own over 100 soaps so that's a big difference.
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