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Simpsons Platinum V1 + V2 vs Sovereign Fibre + Aesop Synthetic Brush V2

Do you prefer one over the other?
Hey! so honestly, the frustrating thing is the handle weight/ material vs the fiber used. I find the noir is definitely and noticeably softer than the plissoft. In many ways I feel the plissoft is unremarkable compared to the kong I got years and years ago. I think ultimately the noir in the aluminum handle would be ace- only its tricky to find/ come by. Also the noir in that handle I tried was set too low. The noir in the orange handle is definitely set higher meaning better splay and flowthrough- the orange handle is light and not in a fun way- especially since the bottom is fairly small and I am not sure it is even level! Nonethless I find myself drawn to the noir more because of how darn soft the fibers are.

Personally I am increasingly shocked at how soft the aesop brush - honestly it is my favorite performer between all the brushes I have including duke so far. Only 1 draw back- knot density- it just a bit too loose. Also maybe the handle could be slightly more perfect but still easier to hold than my duke 3. I have been doing research and getting closer to picking up the G5A/ C which I believe the aesop is based off of.

Ive heard of PAA but I think for value I am willing to spend more for a wood/ metal handle. I do have a preference for synthetics so maybe sometime in the future but at the moment I have my eye set on on what PA shave have on offer!
I have the black version of the aluminum 400 and I think they really missed their chance to combine it with the noir knot. I think the lack of visual contrast would be really cool. In contrast to 99% of the brushes on the market.
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