Torrey Tuesday

Daily double, but quick due to an annual physical. the #136 performed an effective WTG first pass. The Gillette #88 took care of the second ATG pass.
Baker Street.jpg


It’s Tuesday so I’m employing the Torrey today. This razor is marked with the number 120 on the covered tang. So I’m guessing that’s the model number. Its piqued my interest in the different model numbers for Torrey razors
Rushed on the way to work, but loving the shoulderless hollow grind still. The matching strop has a great gentle suede side that I only really use with this whole kit.

Got my first grooming dept soap to try out and man is the post shave good.


This Mornings Shave

J.R Torrey 210, USA 5/8th
Tombstone Phoenix artisan accoutrements
MÜHLE Classic, X-Large Brown Horn Silvertip 26mm
English Leather by Mem



Oh my, would love to splash on some English Leather again. Thanks for participating @Ice-Man .:thumbup:
Thank you Sir!!! And yes the English Leather is fantastic aftershave I'm lucky I have 2 bottles, one being the Mem but the other is English Leather Cologne 8.0 Oz By Dana that I use more than Mem one....
Thanks to all who participate as I am surprised this thread continues to survive. I do think it has increased the interest in the Torrey brand. Perhaps why we have so many Torrey razors available is because the Torrey family refused to give up on straight razors which ultimately resulted in their failure.

So, Torrey Tuesday approaches. Are you in? :)