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🌱 🦟 🦋 ⚡️ 🌞 🐞 SOTD “First Day of Spring 2024: The Spring Equinox Week” March 18th to 24th, 2024 🌱 🦟 🦋 ⚡️ 🌞 🐞

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Hello again fellow B&Bers!

This year, the March Equinox happens on March 19 at 11:06 P.M. EDT. This falls on a Tuesday and is the astronomical beginning of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere.

So most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are thankfully beginning to see winter fade away into spring! So let’s see your spring soaps, aftershaves, fragrances and other shaving items that you use directly or indirectly to help you get ready for warm weather.

The weather is getting warmer, and this time of year is suited to scents such as budding flowers, jasmine, raspberry, bergamot, linen, dew and grass as examples (that I stole from Google 😜). Please show us some of your usual excellent pics or tell us about your SOTD!

Yes, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are heading toward fall and then winter, but they can play along with our spring theme, post their warmer weather items or just post their usual SOTD.

If you don’t have anything themed, post pics of your usual SOTD or just tell us about it.

As always, being creative and having fun IS mandatory but sticking with the theme is NOT mandatory but strongly encouraged.

Thank you all and have a great week!
Filly Novodor
Altesse Badger
Water Buffalo horn bowl with Osma Verbena
Osma alum
Kiita stone

Great shave with Filly today


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Monday SOTD
20240317_171605 (2).jpg

Razor: BRW replated Gillette SC
Blade: Feather (D1)
Brush: Rubberset 49-4 w 26mm G5C synthetic
Bowl: The Distinctive Goat Style 4 5½” Cypress Sinker Log
Pre-Shave Scrub: PAA Ice Cube 2
Pre-Shave Balm: Proraso Sensitive
Shave Soap: Prairie Creations DdC Alpine Snowdrift
Balm: Nancy Boy Cooling
Aftershave: Chiseled Face Cryogen


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1) Italy: Brush Omega 10777 Boar.
2) Italy: Shaving Soap Proraso White Tub.
3) USA: Razor Gillette NDC Gold Ball End Tech.
4) England: Razor Blade London Bridge Super Stainless.
5) France: Alum Block Osma.
6) Germany: Aftershave Balm Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.
7) Spain: EDT Nautica Classic.
The first day of spring makes me think of birds, flowers, new leaves on trees, and times I was fortunate to be in Japan for the cherry blossoms.

LEAF pre-shave oil
FEATHER Hi-Stainless blade
Supply marble bowl
Grandslam pure badger brush
Master Soap Creations BLOOM soap
Master Soap Creations BLOOM aftershave

Pre-shave: Grooming Dept Chamomile & Lemon
Razor: Charcoal Goods Level 2 with Copper Handle
Blade: Gillette Rubie Plus (4)
Brush: Simpson Duke 3 in Manchurian/marble resin
Soap: Ethos Nuage de Citron
Aftershave: Ethos Nuage de Citron

Clouds of Lemon for a Springtime Shave
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Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
ASRazor shave or MMMonday, March 18th 2024

Razor : Star bar #4 Lather catcher- Mfg 1919-20, tame mid range. Excellent razor for my beard type, with over 60 razors in my den this little gem seems to out perform a lot more modern and vintage razors with perfect shaves with a fresh Gem PTFE blade.
It is light, old, made of stamped sheet metal with a nickel coating yet it out performs!
Kudo's to older craftsman of that era who knew what the boss wanted and needed for sales to keep the doors open. Had a stellar close comfortable shaver this morning.
Blade : Gem Personna SS PTFE(1) very sharp, excellent longevity, smoooths out nicely, predictable + safest blade to handle.
Soap : Razorock XXX, nice clean unique scented soap with excellent lather qualities. One of my favorite's.
Brush : YAQI "Mysterious space" 24mm Timberwolf knot. Excellent lather generator, luxury heavenly cloud like soft tips, gentle perfect splay scrubber + excellent lather painter. This knot and handle are perfect for my shave needs it seems.
Pre shave : (Dedicated Cashmere synthetic)Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser with a dollop of clear Aloe Vera on the cleaned beard area.
Prep : Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
Post shave : Razorock XXX with witch hazel + a dollop of CeraVe moisturizing lotion(scentless).
Results : Dial 10.2 stellar.jpg or CCS,DFS,BBS + no irritation + no weepers=:a17: Had a close comfortable shave this morning with my Star bar razor with a fresh Gem coated blade. (It does not any better a shave IMO!)
SOTD March 18 2024.jpg

Have some great shaves!
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