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Torrey Tuesday

So, I started Micromatic Monday this Summer as a way to enjoy using GEM SE razors with B&B members. Now I am thinking about doing the same with Torrey razors.

If you want to participate, use any Torrey SR you have and let us know how it went. Hopefully I'll have my first Torrey "Our 136" honed and ready for a shave on Tuesday, January 1.

Thank you for participating.
I only have 9 Torrey razors. So after 9 weeks you're gonna have to see the same razors.
It's more about the SR camaraderie. I only have one Torrey that is supposed to arrive this afternoon. I'll be honing later using the coticule that arrived Thursday.
The “Our 136” arrived. Has factory finish and serrated edge. Appears never to have been used. How is that possible for a 109 year old SR?
The scales are what caught my eye on the Torrey I bought, and how clean it was with no wear. They are mother of pearl and as far as I can tell they are original to the razor.
Just got into them. Read their history and thought it was cool. You can find almost any style of blade. One of my favorites is a 1/4 hollow that I put old bone scales on. They seem to hone up easy and shave great.
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