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TOBS Question, weird....

I just received two tubs of Taylor on Old Bond Street shaving cream from a vendor in the United Kingdom, one tub of Avocado and one of Lavender. I of course opened them up immediately to smell them and noticed on Lavender that it looks like a thick coating of white powder on top of the cream and it smells like soap. I though I would get a big wif of Lavender, but instead it smells like soap, plain hand soap.

Could this be end of batch and it wasn't thoroughly mixed? I tried to post pictures tomorrow, since I am very tired after driving 700+ miles today to go look at machine in Northern Wisconsin.
Does sound a bit odd. I have a tub of TOBS lavender and it reeks of lavender! Don't know what the white powder is.

Is it old and drying out I wonder? My lavender is probably the most liquid of my several TOBS varieties.

I whipped up a batch of lather using a dollup of this TOBS Lavender, it worked fine, but there was no real smell to it, so it makes me wonder what the hell happened. The TOBS Avocado has a superb scent to it, if it lathers as well as the Lavender did the Avocade will be in my top 5 rotation.
I let three other people smell this tub of TOBS Lavender and all agree that is has no scent to it other than soap. I beleive they neglected to mix in the parfum into this batch.
Definitely sounds like a bad tub of TOBS lavender, which ordinarily has a very good and strong lavender scent.
Try contacting the vendor and TOBS directly. I have sampled Lavender and purchased the tub and it has always been of a strong, rich English Lavender scent.
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