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Something a bit different tonight. Rather than fire up the grill or smoker, I pulled a grate out my smoker, burned down some hickory in my fire pit, threw some potatoes in the coals, and then tossed on some prime, bone in ribeyes. Yeah, they were incredible.

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I opted for the fire pit again with my grown kids both visiting for dinner. Prime NY strips and lobster over some hickory. The lovely Mrs. Camjr prepared parmesan scalloped potatoes and peas with pearl onions with pancetta. We like our steaks rare to medium rare. I earned a break after the meal...

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Alfred Spatchcock
Paper plates,... That's what I was missing with mine. Would have set the whole dish off
That's a requirement for pulled pork. Those are not your everyday paper plates either. Notice the uptown paper plate carriers that they are riding in. It is Sunday dinner after all.

Points off for no coleslaw but the cabbage at the market didn't look all that good.


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
Just fired up the pit.
The wife bought
Shrimp Kabobs
Chicken kabobs
Beef ribs

Now I am sitting on the patio with the ceiling fan going, George Strait playing, and just waiting on the coals to get perfect.
May need a beer or Bourbon. Haven’t decided yet.
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