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Not a thing when it's pouring rain lol. I'm sometimes just mildly jealous of the guy with the tragaer (sp) in his garage down the street until I remember about carbon monoxide.
30 degrees...may make things a bit dicey. 10 lb. pork butt over oak. Went on 5 minutes ago. Gonna run this one at about 250 degrees. In an attempt to
seek the blessings of the BBQ spirits today, we shall be wearing the "BBQ Hat of Good Fortune..The Sacred Swine." Game on..... C448C2CD-971B-4B2D-BC31-7465C53EAED8.jpeg A9E5FD9D-B197-4BE5-A8D3-0BD3ACAE70BF.jpeg E801406C-679F-4F43-9A77-A630568771B4.jpeg
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Some fresh T-Bones over lump charcoal and a bit of dried hickory from one of our trees. Cooked last night but internet was wonky and wouldn't upload pics.


I think we are done.


Served with cole slaw, beans simmered with a ham bone, and skillet cornbread.


Tonight was Shakshuka. Instead of poached eggs I used salmon (a thick piece of cod would have been better). After the Shakshuka is cooked I added the fish, covered it with sauce and put it in a 400 oven for 8 minutes (6 or 7 minutes would have been better). It was still excellent and a simple 25-30 minute health meal.
Inexpensive ribs, camp chef smoker, 220 deg
Needed something was having withdrawals.
Just picked up 2 more st louis rib 2 pack from bjs so i should be good for a bit.

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