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Big Bib Gibson sauce order; what am I doing?!

Well, since The Count necroposted on my thread Gibson's BBQ sauces - a maybe Yankee's perspective - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/gibsons-bbq-sauces-a-maybe-yankees-perspective.390101/#post-12445755 from over a decade ago . . . I've had an open browser tab on Big Bob Gibson's sauce page. I just ordered the "Pitroom" package (4 sauces - BBQ, mustard, habanero, and white; 2 rubs for burgers and ribs are also included).

Any ideas on how to best use them if I don't have a grill? Do you oven roast pork wrapped in parchment paper (I try to stay away from heavy metals/foils) with this on the entire time? Do you simply add it to the end product?

I used to try to grill ribs, except it wasn't low and slow (I would simply grill like a burger on high heat) and put the sauce on immediately, which obviously charred quickly so I'd end up with a thick coating of carbon on tough ribs. I now understand the concept of braising/low and slow to get the collagen to melt, and trying to keep the pork/chicken/whatever from drying out with a wrap of something waterproof (parchment paper, banana leaves for Hawaiian pulled pork), but I can't get a good braising/roasting sauce (when I add too many ingredients like in some recipes, the pork takes terrible; when I don't add much except a little liquid smoke, it's not bad but still pretty dry) and I don't know when to add the real sauce.

Still experimenting with dry brining as well.
You might try the parchment in an oven, but an air fryer like Philips would be better
I kind of like the idea of a legless dutch oven. Either in the oven at 250°F or on the stovetop on like 2. If going this way I’d think about giving it a good sear first
A Philips Air Fryer will leave the meat moist on the inside...perfect. I don't even have an oven any more. I use the Philips.
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