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The Speakeasy Acquisitions 2020

A third vintage Port for the wine cooler. 100 rating. $70. I’m guessing it’s cheaper due to a less desirable quinta, but I’ll give it a go in several years!
ADD: Just read that Sandeman did not declare 2017...


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The local is having a Father's Day sale on whisk(e)y, and I just happened to have something come through for me, so I got a little crazy.


We finished off a bottle of the Balvenie PortWood a year or so ago, and I've missed having it in the arsenal. We finished up a bottle of Ardbeg Corryvreckan just last night, so I was going to just get another of those, but . . . well . . . this other thing was there. The Duncan Taylor Bruichladdich 15-year is just something special.
Got my Father’s Day gift in the mail yesterday. Been wanting to try a diy gin kit for a while after another family member let me try what he had. Picked up a bottle of Tito’s to use with it. Hoping for a good turn out.

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Nothing special from ABC today, but I haven’t tried this Belgian Farmhouse, and the Old Forester had a $2 instant coupon, and a bottle of BT, difficult to obtain in other parts of the country and sometimes here, was available.
Yeah, I'd say so.

I've heard of that stuff but nothing about it. That's a great price, though (at least I hope so). Please give us your thoughts on it once you've cracked the seal.
Just stirred up a dry Martini. It is very similar to Bombay Sapphire. I would say the botanicals are richer in the Highclere and more aromatic in the Sapphire. At $45, I would never buy it (since I usually pay in the $30s for a 1.75l bottle of Sapphire) but if I ever see it at $15, I’ll stock up. My daughter found it at the Costco affiliated liquor store in El Paso. Photo also posted in “What are you drinking” thread. 3FA77203-C11A-4061-B8D6-72EEC389D121.jpeg
Picked up a handle of American Vodka and French Vodka from Costco on our way home from vacation for $35

American was similar price to plastic jug vodka but much better. French is very good, similar to Grey Goose from what I can recall.

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Made a Costco run. Found Lagavulan 16 for $62. Couldn’t pass that up. Also picked up two jugs of Kirkland blended for $17 each so I have something to keep me from getting into the Lagavulan to soon. try to keep my single malt purchases to one bottle per paycheck. I’m not having much luck with my self imposed spending restrictions.
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