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"Got Shoes?"
The Merit Award Winners Gallery is where all the previous recipients of the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award are placed for posterity.

Each recipient's avatar*, along with a summary of their accomplishments, is placed here so that all future visitors to the gallery may view the achievements of the past recipients. A new thread, in the name of that particular recipient, will be added to the gallery every time a new Merit Award is bestowed upon a member of B&B.

B&B hopes this Awards Gallery will be visited by all of its members as a place where they may view the accomplishments of their peers as well as be inspired by their achievements.

The moderators here at B&B take great pride and pleasure in the establishment of the Merit Award Winners Gallery.

*(Since members may change their avatar, the avatar that is placed in the gallery is the one which the recipient utilized at the time the award was bestowed upon them.)

Past Recipients of the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award


On June 7, 2008 Scott (Scotto) became the very first honorary inductee into to the Merit Award Winners Gallery. Scotto received the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award in recognition of his past accomplishments and contributions to B&B.



Honorary Inductee


IT IS ON THIS 7th Day of June, 2008 that the Moderators here at B&B induct Scotto into the Merit Award Winners Gallery as the inaugural Honorary Recipient of the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award. This honor is being awarded to Scotto in recognition of his being a B&B pioneer as well as for his outstanding contributions to all facets of B&B.

In recognition of Scotto's service as one of the first Moderators at B&B to his impact on the growth of B&B, the results of Scotto's magnanimous efforts at B&B are undeniable.

In the process of becoming one of B&B's most prolific and informative members, Scotto provided insightful tutorials and reviewed dozens of shaving products, as well as non-shaving items, that to this day continue to benefit so many members of B&B. His body of work will be a source of reference that will continue to benefit members for many years to come.

Scotto's influence continues to reverberate throughout B&B. Through his efforts he has helped make B&B a more informative, but more importantly, a more enjoyable place for all to experience.

Thank you Scotto.

Scotto's Acceptance Speech


My initial reaction to this award was to leave a flippant “thanks, guys!”, and move on. After giving it some thought, though, I think it deserves more than that.

B&B, as tacky as it sounds, has been an important part of my life. Believe it or not, I am an introspective, quiet person; I don’t talk a lot in the “real world”. On the phone, I am totally useless. However, I have always loved to read and write. Perhaps if I had things to do over again I might have chosen to use those skills more in my daily life, but in point of fact I work in the technology business. That is a stressful, fact-based job that doesn’t leave much time for creative writing. B&B has provided an outlet for my creative side that was desperate to be exercised.

As for the history, some years ago I “met” Joel. That is a funny relationship since Joel and I couldn’t disagree more on many things related to shaving. Soon after, he formed B&B and I came along for the ride, and the rest is history. Since then, I have made friends here, especially among the mod community who, despite having never met them in person, I feel closer to than many people I interact with physically on a daily basis. Joel, Nick, Ron, Howard, and many others fall into that category. I want to thank them all for putting up with me in the mod forums and elsewhere. I want to especially thank Jay (Ouch), in whom I found a bit of a kindred spirit, mentor, and good friend.

As for the rest, I really enjoyed my contributions here, and I hope that I helped a few people and gave even more of them a good chuckle. Unfortunately the demands of my life outside B&B have limited my ability to post much lately, but I do check in often. Hopefully as time goes on I can contribute a bit here and there.

This is a special place, and a unique part of the internet. The generosity of people here is unparalleled, and no one should take it for granted. Thanks for the recognition – I truly appreciate it.


On March 21, 2009, Pat (Castlecraver ) became the second recipient of the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award in recognition of his multi-faceted contributions to B&B.




IT IS ON THIS 21st day of March, 2009, in recognition of his contributions to B&B and to the wet-shaving community, Castlecraver has received the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award.

Pat is being recognized for his years of service to the B&B community as well as his "festive" contributions which will be enjoyed for years to come. His participation has been and continues to be a benefit to all the members of B&B.

In addition to his literary and artistic contributions, Pat has established himself as one of B&B's distinguished members by consistently providing useful and informative posts as well as being a regular contributor in the Speakeasy Forum. Pat has become a valued member for the knowledge he willingly provides to new members. Through his creativity, generosity and thoughtfulness, Pat has made B&B a better place for all who choose to participate in this wonderful community.

It is for the foregoing reasons, that the Moderators here at B&B take great pleasure in awarding the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award to our own local bard for once again exemplifying the best of what the wet-shaving community has to offer.

Pat's Acceptance Speech


I'm not often short on words, but at this moment I suddenly find myself at a loss for them. I wish I could believe that my contributions here were truly deserving of this high honor, but I must admit I hardly feel worthy of even being mentioned in the same sentence with Ray and Scott. In that respect, this is again incredibly humbling.

If you'd have told me a few years ago that I'd soon make my online "home" a forum about shaving, of all things, I'd have wondered you what you were smoking. But without a doubt, B&B has become the place I feel proud to hang my hat in cyberspace. Indeed, these last few years, and particularly the recent months, has been a tumultuous time for me and in many ways wetshaving, our other various indulgences, and B&B in general have become a bit of a shelter from a storm. I've not come across a more welcoming, diverse, and knowledgeable group of gentlemen anywhere -- online or in real life, and as I've said a few times before, there are many amongst you that I strive to emulate.

I'd hate to forget anyone yet feel enormously indebted to B&B, so in lieu of a long list of individual thanks, I really do owe everyone reading this right now a hardy thank you, for helping make B&B the great community that it is. It is nothing short of an absolute pleasure to know and interact with you gents, and to be able to contribute here. If any of you find yourself in Cleveland over the next year or so, I'll buy 'ya a drink. But for now, I hope you'll join me in raising a glass to Badger and Blade, the first rate gentlemen who keep it running smoothly, and the nearly 14,000 of the rest of us who I hope get as much enjoyment out of this place as I do.

TO B&B...

(*) On June 24, 2009 Castlecraver joined the Moderator Team at B&B.


On February 20, 2010, Jim became the third honoree to receive the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award. It is universally recognized that in light of Jim's contributions to B&B he has earned the moniker: "Mr. B&B."


"MR. B&B"


IT IS ON THIS 20th Day of February, 2010 that the Moderators here at B&B proudly induct Jim into the Merit Award Winners Gallery in recognition of his innumerable contributions, exemplary dedication and inspirational leadership during his years of service as a Moderator at Badger & Blade.

His efforts have invariably helped shape Badger & Blade into the world's preeminent wet-shaving forum. It is through his efforts that helped to raise the bar at B&B and which has led to the enlightenment and the joy of all of use this great resource of gentlemanly pursuits.

He not only exemplifies the best of what this community has to offer but through his generosity, camaraderie and gentlemanly comportment, Jim truly represents what is the best of us.

Jim's Acceptance Speech

I am honored and humbled to be receiving the Badger & Blade’s Meritorious Shaver Award.

When I joined the B&B, I realized that I was interacting not with just fellow wet-shaving enthusiasts, but with kindred spirits.
At the B&B I found men who can be characterized as “renaissance men”; men who do the right thing, even if it is inconvenient or at a personal cost; men who gravitate to style rather than fashion; men who receive satisfaction far in excess of the effort expended by helping a newcomer get sorted out; men who see the big picture.
For me, many of you are old and familiar souls.

If I have contributed anything to this forum it is but a small fraction of what I have received in return –knowledge, companionship, camaraderie, friendship, and many, many great laughs. The list is long, my life continues to be enriched from my time with you on B&B.

Recently my role on the B&B has changed. I am, and always will be, a part of the B&B. It is with great pride I can say, “I am a part of the world’s best wet shaving forum!”

Thank you all,


On October 19, 2010, Sue Moore became the fourth recipient of the B&B Merit Award, its second honorary inductee. Sue is recognized not only for her contributions as one of B&B's earliest members, as well as her exemplary comportment as a vendor, but more importantly for the compassion and dedication she exhibited to all of us here at Badger and Blade. For this, she affectionately became known as "Saint Sue" to all those at B&B. You will never be forgotten.


Honorary Inductee
"Saint Sue"


"In recognition of your innumerable contributions, exemplary dedication and inspirational friendship during your years as a member at Badger & Blade. Your spirit of generosity, unselfishness, and unwavering dedication to your craft exemplifies the best of what B&B has to offer and will always be the standard for others to follow. The Moderators at B&B do hereby proclaim from this day forward that the date of October 19th will forever be known as "Sue Moore Day" at Badger & Blade."

* Sue Moore passed away on November 2, 2010. She will be missed.

The following is a message from Sue's daughter, Wendy, on behalf of her mother.

My family and I owe you many thanks. I so much appreciate everything that you all have done for my mother and I. Sue spent a countless number of hours corresponding, researching and just having fun with members of this forum. I cannot express how much all of you have deeply touched my mother in many positive ways. There were many of products that she worked on; not so much because of Saint Charles Shaves benefit, but for the many friends she had on the forum. Your kind words and wisdom provided my mom with the support, the motivation and drive that she needed to keep moving ahead. Basic chores, let alone running a small business, were very hard on her and knowing that there were hundreds of folks in this world that truly believed in her, and her products, gave her the spirit needed for her to make her way to the shop everyday. In fact, after my fathers death, if it weren't for many of you out there I really think Saint Charles Shave would've died as well.

In addition to the many ways you supported my mother while she was alive, I also appreciate the many kind letters, cards, beautiful flowers and the many donations to the Susan G. Komen fund in her honor. I cannot even begin to explain how deeply touched my mother and I were as I read to her, during her last weeks of life, that she had received the Meritorious Shaver Award from B&B. She was also blessed with knowing that B&B had set aside a “Saint Sue Day” in her honor.

My heart goes out to all of you.



On June 29, 2011, Johnniegold became the fifth recipient of the B&B Merit Award in recognition of his humanitarian efforts on behalf of B&B as well as his many contributions to the development and growth of B&B.



IT IS ON THIS 29th Day of June, 2011 that the Moderators here at B&B proudly induct Bob into the Merit Award Winners Gallery in recognition of his dedication and inspirational leadership during his years of service as a Moderator at Badger & Blade.

His humanitarian efforts on behalf of B&B has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for organizations such as Operation Smile and The Susan G. Komen Foundation by bringing the B&B community together to raise awareness, as well as funds, for these organizations. It is through Bob's generosity, camaraderie and compassion for others that truly captures the essence and spirit of what B&B stands for and we welcome him to the Merit Award Winners Gallery.

Bob's Acceptance Speech

First of all, I would like to thank the Moderators for bestowing this prestigious honor upon me. I am truly humbled by this distinction and I am honored to be placed in the company of the previous recipients of the Merit Award.

When I first joined B&B in December of 2006, B&B had less than 5000 members. It was a much different B&B then. It wasn’t a better B&B, just different. I remember when B&B reached the 5000th member plateau and then the 10,000th member milestone and today there are almost 40,000 members here at B&B.

The growth of B&B is not an accident. It is not happenstance that this site continues to grow exponentially. The reason why B&B continues to grow at such a rapid pace is because of the quality of people who decide to spend some of their free time here. It is because of YOU.

Also, B&B continues to grow at a rapid pace because of the quality of the people behind-the-scenes that dedicate their time not only to making B&B the outstanding place that it is, but they also work with an eye on what they hope it can be in the future. I am speaking of the Moderators. When I was asked to join the Moderator Team in 2007, I accepted the invitation without an inkling of what it was that they really did behind-the-scenes.

Well, I was quick to find out that it is not a position for the faint of heart, nor is it a position for those who vacillate. These people are some of the best and brightest people on this board and they are committed to making B&B the very best it can be so that you may come here and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They have jobs, they have families and yet they are committed to the task at hand.

Ultimately, their work would be for naught, their dedication would be without reward, without… YOU. You, the members that comprise B&B. The membership of B&B is far and away the best group of people assembled anywhere on the internet. For proof, all one has to do is read the content contained on this board. The gentlemanly discourse, the witty banter, the willingness to share information and to help each other, the generosity of our members, is beyond reproach. It is truly a “community” in the best sense of the word.

It was an honor to work with this merry band of brothers for the two years that I served on the Moderator Team. Without them, I would not be receiving this award. It was only through their help, guidance, encouragement and kindness that WE were able to accomplish the things that we set out to do. I am very pleased that I have had an opportunity to get to know these fine individuals. They are truly an exceptional group. :thumbup1:

I am proud to be a part of this community. The one thing that I am most proud of is the moment this community decides to come together for a cause. It is that very moment which crystallizes what B&B means to me and exemplifies the quality of the people that choose to spend their time at B&B and at the same time exhibits the power of B&B's potential when we choose to come together as a community.

I thank you again for bestowing this honor upon me and I accept it on behalf of all of the members that have helped B&B become the website that it is today. Thanks again.

Have I emptied out the place yet?

* Bob served as a Moderator from 2007 until stepping down in 2010.


On May 26, 2012, Brianw became the sixth recipient of the B&B Merit Award in recognition of his efforts on behalf of B&B charities, his numerous PIF's, and so many other contributions to B&B.

It is on this 26th day of May, 2012 that the Moderators here at B&B bestow upon Brianw the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award in recognition of his long-standing contributions towards the betterment of B&B and, more importantly, for his devotion to helping those in need.

Brianw has consistently exhibited an uncanny zeal exemplified by his persistent efforts on behalf of various charitable organizations in the name of B&B, as well as raising funds earmarked for the maintenance of B&B. Brian's tireless efforts behind-the-scenes are too often unheralded as are his innumerable random acts of kindness, many of them very often done with complete anonymity (but we eventually figure it out. :wink: )

Brianw exudes all the gentlemanly qualities that demonstrate the best of what the B&B community has to offer and it is because of these qualities that we acknowledge his achievements and proudly induct him into the Merit Award Winners Gallery.

Brian's Acceptance Speech

Homina, Homina, Homina..... I really don't know what to say. I am humbled beyond all speech.
and THATS a first !

I came to B&B from a discussion in another forum unrelated to shaving. The membership was impressive with thier helpfulness and good humor.
Came for the info, stayed for the fellowship.

Joining discussions was easy, and rediscovering the joy of razors, soap, and brushes followed. Along with the encompassing AD's.

Having the Nib and SE razor forum have just allowed me to pass on a few more AD's to some more people, paybacks you might say :wink2:

Helping with a few things around the forum was really easy as the membership made it easy.
The exuberance and generousity of all of you is unmatched in any online gathering of people I have ever seen.

What makes B&B ?...certainly not 1 person, or 100.... It's all the membership. A more welcoming group of men and women not to be found anywhere else.

Now before I start blithering and clear out the hall with something really boring, I want to thank all for this undeserving honor.

And contrary to popular belief I did not serve on the "American Turtle" or the "H.L. Hunley"


On March 11, 2014, Marco became the seventh recipient of the B&B Merit Award in recognition of his efforts on behalf of B&B, his ambassadorship of our gentlemanly principles, and his numerous contributions to B&B.




It is with great pleasure to announce that the Badger and Blade Meritorious Shaver Award is hereby presented to Marco! A long standing member and Steward of B&B, Marco exemplifies the Gentlemanly attitude that all admire so well and strive to emulate. He has helped scores of new wet shavers with his "Marco's Method" of lathering soft Italian soaps. While he would be the first to admit that there are many ways to produce a lather, his technique is simple and straightforward enough for first time users to successfully produce a good lather, which as we all know is half the battle.

Marco is a well known fixture in the newbie forums. He is always willing to help out with a tidbit of info here, and when necessary, a paragraph there. Whether the question is a new one, or one that has been asked scores of times, Marco will patiently answer it as if it were the first.

Shakespeare wrote in The Merchant of Venice "If you ***** us, do we not bleed?" If Marco were cut, you'd find that he would doubtlessly bleed. But not red my friend, it would be Badger and Blade Blue.

In short, Marco pours his heart and soul into Badger and Blade and all who have had the pleasure of knowing him are better off for it.One only needs to peruse Marco's Wiki Page to see time and effort he has committed to producing great informational posts that benefit both new user and old timer equally.

Marco's Acceptance Speech
There are many things I'd like to say now, but I find no words in this wonderful moment. Totally unexpected, my eyes are shiny.


On January 31st, 2022, Toothpick became the eighth recipient of the B&B Merit Award in recognition of his contributions to B&B and our community, his efforts in Charity Fund Raising and in the implementation of sitewide improvements.



IT IS ON THIS 31st Day of January, 2022 that we are proud to announce the induction of Toothpick into the Merit Award Winners Gallery in recognition of his dedication and inspirational leadership during his years of service as a Moderator at Badger & Blade.

His humanitarian efforts on behalf of B&B has helped to raise funds to fight Breast Cancer through the Annual Sue Moore fundraiser. His sense of humor, his generous nature, and his dedication to the smooth implementation of advancements in operational and software improvements here at B&B are well known.

Jason personifies what it means to bleed Badger and Blade Blue and we welcome him into the ranks of his predecessors.

Jason's Acceptance Speech
Who would have thought that almost 10 years ago when I joined B&B I would spend most of that time goofing around behind the curtain. Oops, I mean dedicating a good amount of time helping to make B&B more awesome :001_tongu

I joined October 2012 and surprisingly this was the very first forum type thing I ever joined. I came to get info on double edge razors and traditional shaving like most other folks. 8 months later I was asked to be a Steward. It might sound weird but from the beginning I knew I wanted to join the team so of course I said yes. I really enjoyed the camaraderie and gentlemanly aspect B&B maintained. In 2015 I was asked to be a Moderator. So nearly all of my time here has been spent on the B&B team. I can honestly say it has been a real pleasure. This place, the public and private side, is like a 2nd family to me. And it empties my wallet like one too! :laugh:. It is really enjoyable being a member here. I tend to check B&B before I navigate anywhere else on the web. It's like the newspaper of the 21st century. I "pick up B&B" first thing in the morning.

I've never done anything here with the thought of any type of reward or "what's in it for me". I will wear this badge proudly and sincerely appreciate the recognition. I know there are many deserving members and I hope we can recognize them all. What the team does for B&B all to often goes unrecognized and we all accept that. It's very humbling to be thought of in such high regard as to receive a Merit Award. It's really not any one individual or the B&B Team that makes this place what it is. It's everyone, all of us together. I think each of us have a personal stake in B&B.

Thank you all very much! I really mean that. And thanks to Nick & Joel for creating this place eons ago and giving us all a place on the internet to call home.


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