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The Greatest Movie Tough Guy of All Times


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I'm soliciting for a list of names of who you guys think is the Greatest Movie Tough Guy of All Times - not just recent entries to the field like Daniel Craig, but of all times, including old time and modern movie Tough Guys.
Doesn't matter if they are now past their prime, or even still alive.

Also doesn't matter what they were like in real life, this is about Hollywood Rough and Tough.

Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Yul Brynner, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Daniel Craig, you get the idea.

Please nominate as many as you like, but at least a few, that you think belong on the list - after a few days, I'll compile the list and put the top 10 in a poll - then we'll vote for who's the King of Hollywood Badness!

Please do make your nominations in list form at the beginning of your post to make it easier for me to copy and sort later. Feel free to add any points you like that you think would convince others you are right! So I'll start off - in no particular order;

Clint Eastwood
Charles Bronson
Bruce Lee
Dwayne Johnson
Chuck Norris
Danny Trejo
Lee Marvin
R. Lee Ermy
John Wayne
Ernest Borgnine (Emperor of the North especially)
Everyone else I have is on your list.

Yessir. Ernest Borgnine was one of roughest looking guys of all time to actually make it in Hollywood. I can only imagine what the "talent" scouts would do today if an Ernest Borgnine or Eli Wallach showed up for an audition. Emperor of the North was a somewhat forgotten classic in my opinion. And it starred that other tough guy Lee Marvin. BTW, Phil, you stole my list!

Cheers, Todd
I'm sure there'll be some votes for Steve McQueen, but he was actually the coolest. Clint Eastwood should surely be in the top 5 and though John Wayne will be a top vote getter, I think Jimmy Stewart is tougher. Watch him in The Man Who Knew Too Much to see what I mean.

But my vote goes to a man who was tough in the movies with the bad guys, tough with the dames and the broads and tough with love. He was also tough in real life standing up, somewhat, to McCarthy and marrying a real dame who was also pretty tough. As McLaughlin would say:

THE ANSWER IS.............. Humphrey Bogart.
Two actors that proved you don't have to be big to be tough:

James Cagney
Joe Pesci

I'm tall, but these guys would intimidate me.
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Since we are basing toughness on an actor's screen personna, I vote for Bengt Ekerot. He was in Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, and he played ... Death!
Elvis Presley (Karate Chopped a leopard, 'nuff said)
Charleton Heston (Planet of the Apes! And about a zillion other BA movies)
Clint Eastwood (No brainer)
Samuel L. Jackson (His whole life, not just acting)
Schwarzenegger (Predator, Commando, Terminator)
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Since we are basing toughness on an actor's screen personna, I vote for Bengt Ekerot. He was in Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, and he played ... Death!
William Sadler has played many a tough guy, and may get some votes, but I won't be voting for him just because he played Death! :lol: :lol:

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I vote for Chuck Norris. Long career as a tough guy, and he wasn't just an actor. He really was the world martial arts champ.
What the...? Sixteen posts with no mention of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I think Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li deserves mentions too.
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