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The $1,200.00 Contest

I’m in. Because I claimed my college aged daughter on my taxes, she’s not getting anything (and because of her age I don’t get the $500/child for her). So mine will be sent to my daughter who needs the money for car repairs.
At the moment my wife and I remain employed, though she's had to reduce her hours somewhat so she can care for our kids while their school is shut down. We'll probably be putting that money into savings and sitting on it until we need it. Hopefully things will be getting back to normal and we can just keep saving it.
I’m in. Fortunately my company is essential and I can work from home. So whatever I get will go either to my daughter to help with her medical coverage, or if she won’t take it to charity
I'm in, and thanks for the opportunity. You do a tremendous amount to support B&B! I would like mine to go to savings to help make up the retirement deficit b/c the economy tanked - I was hoping to retire in a couple of years. However, my wife will probably find uses for some of it in the yard and to do something nice for our grandchildren.
I bought a trailer for my riding mower and a Yaqi brush since I have had to start shaving again . I work maintenance in a hospital. We now have to wear a mask all the time. My lovely wife paid a year ahead for her streaming service for TV. The rest went into saving since I am getting cut a day per pay period because our hospital is nearly empty
Me and the wifey are fairing okay during this COVID-19 issue.

She is an Operating Room Nurse at UC Davis Hospital.

I am an HVAC residential installer, who is currently recovering from a ruptured disc from work.

We also have a 4-month old child, who is a hoot, and helping to alleviate any burdens we may have.

Like I said, financially we are fine.

As for the money, we will not get that much. Our combined incomes are too high.

But for what we will get...a portion always goes to God. So we will give a position to our missionaries in foreign countries. We will also support local ministries that have helped to spread the Gospel of Christ.

The rest will be used to give back to our local community. (Food, clothing, gas, etc...).

I want to say we will save some. But the truth is that the leftover will get deposited into our checking account, and will be absorbed into our current checking account balance.

I guess knowing that we have a bit extra, I might splurge a bit, and maybe use it for a new razor...if the wifey lets me.

Whatever we spend it on, it MUST BE MADE IN AMERICA!

PS: I love your Nor’east scent. I just put in an order for the Nor’east Balm. (Roseville, CA). Seriously considering changing to your Nor’east Shaving Soap!
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Not in, you have already been very generous in past contests to me. My wife and I are using part of our funds to items to help our kids with their education, as the youngest prepares for college in the Fall. We are also investing some in the local food pantry, where my wife continues to volunteer. I am fortunate to be able to work from home, but there is a growing number of people who are out of work, so the need is great.
I'm in.. Here's the funny thing I don't know if i'm gonna get one of the checks. My wife got one and my kids did also but my wife and i file separately and even though i don't make over the limit I have not gotten a check yet. If I do get one I will probably use it to buy something for my kids or my wife or if I have some bills I will use it to pay them although right now the bills are paid....The one thing I will Not do is just blow it.. After paying bills or getting the wife and kids something I will put the rest up..... Thanks For the PIF.....
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I'm in.

I really wish I wasn't getting any money from the Government. I'm on Social Security disability already getting my own money back, lol.

The lovely War Department and I are in fiscal discussions about this. Her position is to just bank it for a rainy day, or for whenever the Guvmint wants it back. My position is we just give it away.

Our water pump and tank just had to be replaced, but we got a great deal on the repairs, so we didn't miss any meals. We ain't going nowhere so our gasoline envelope is bulging. She ALWAYS has enough food in the pantry to last throughout the zombie apocalypse.
A friend has DELIVERED me at least 5 face cords of Ash and Cherry wood....

I'd feel guilty keeping that $1200, even if it is my own money to begin with. As someone else already said: "easy come easy go!"