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The $1,200.00 Contest

Uncle Sam is sending a $1,200.00 check to everyone. Tell us what will you be doing with your check. Pay for necessary expenses? Give some of it to someone else? Treat yourself to a fun gift? Put it in savings? Pay off some debt?

There will be three winners selected by random.org. Each one will be able to select one item from our newly released Nor'easter line. A classic masculine scent topped off with just the right level of menthol - a winner! This is CONUS only please.

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Excellent question. Being retired, it will go into the “general fund” for the upkeep of the house (so the General can pay the bills!). We will be reserving a portion of it for when the local restaurants reopen (especially the one at the corner of the street) to help the folks that have been out of work

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I'm in!

The check will go straight to essential payments. Boring but gotta pay them bills. Now if there is another round of checks.... it'll probably go to bills as well. :bayrum2::bayrum2::bayrum2: Why is money so hard to earn but easy to spend? haha
Not in.
I won't be receiving a check due to my income level. However, if I were to receive a check I would buy more $DEA with it. This is a REIT that only rents out to the US Government. I like the idea of using tax return money to buy assets that collect from the Federal Government. I smell irony.
Well, Before I joined this group, I had spent about 100 dollars on shaving with my Merkur 39c Barber pole/Derby blades and CO Bigelow in the last three years. Now I have GEMs, vintage Gillettes and multiple soaps a new strop so I am already spending my money on shaving stuff I don't NEED (but really enjoy) doing my part to stimulate the economy. Working in fire/ems/emergency management my shave time has become my relaxing sane time. With some of my vintage razors I could be using a razor that was used during the 1918 pandemic as well.
Well first off, not everyone is getting $1,200.00. I know I’m not. Moreover, because I actually had to pay Uncle Sam last year, they aren’t direct depositing mine. I’ll have to wait until May or whenever to get my piece of paper with Trumps scribble in the memo section.

Anyway, when I do get whatever I’m getting, what will I do with it? I think I’ll get myself a trump-gun. Maybe one of those new Glock 44s. Or maybe a 44 magnum revolver.


Most of mine (whenever it arrives) will be going to local restaurants. My favorite 🍜 pho place and one of my sushi places. Probably take a lady friend for a serious pigout on sushi.
I'll be paying my son's school bill with it.

In reality, it'll offset SOME of the inflation that's likely to occur because of the extra money the US government is pushing into the economy. Unfortunately, we'll have to live with that inflation, long after the $1200 is gone.
For the moment, mine has gone to savings. I am still working, but only part time. So far, I am being paid my full time wages. Knowing what $$ is coming in, I know this can't be sustained for much longer. A Payroll Protection loan has been applied for, but to my knowledge, we are still waiting to see if it is going to be funded. Once things get back to the new normal, and I haven't needed to use it for essentials, I will use it in local restaraunts, pubs/breweries, and bicycle shops.
I'm in. We used ours to pay off a couple of medical bills incurred in a backyard fire (turns out my second degree burns were physically AND fiscally painful). Some also went to paying about half of a credit card balance.

So....nothing got paid off completely, but a couple of big chunks are now eliminated.
My 'stimulus' of under $100 was not very stimulating. I was laid off and had to take an early disbursement of my 401k to live on which was viewed as income by the government. They use adjusted income not earned income as a basis of qualification/determination of payment.

I hope that there are not too many that believe they are going to automatically get $1200.00 as this is just not the case.

I'm not in as you have been very generous to me in the past. Hopefully someone that has not won anything before and is in need of a boost will win. Very generous of you as usual!