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The $1,200.00 Contest

Congratulations to the winner & thanks, once again to Scott for a great contest. These are always fun & the prizes are very much appreciated.
Being retired and fortunate enough not to need the money for bills, I purchased a new rifle, and will donate some to the Trump Re-election fund. Anything that remains will go into local restaurants.
In a strange coincidence, my stimulus money and my prize from the captain both arrived today. As I posted earlier, the stimulus money went to my daughter for car repairs and she was thrilled to get it today. The shaving cream smells really nice and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. There were a couple of other small sample sizes that I’ll review at the same time.
Arrived today! I’m excited to try it with the Vegas heat starting up, since this is the only mentholated aftershave I have. It has a very mild, masculine scent without the medicated menthol scent, which is appreciated. Included were a couple samples, including the famous Bay Rum aftershave. Thanks again, Captain!