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TGN Finest, Silvertip, and Super Silvertip.

Over the last month I did restorations in TGN Finest 20mm Fan, Silvertip 20mm Bulb, and Super Silvertip 22mm.

Directly comparing the three, the Finest is the softest, and the Super Silvertip is the roughest. Granted, it is not as if the Super Silvertip is very scratchy, it is just noticeably less soft than the Finest.

Does anyone else have a similar experience to share?

For the large difference in price, I expected the Super Silvertip to be softer. The only difference appeared to be the quality of the knot base.

I have the 20mm Finest Fan and a 20mm Super Silvertip and 5 Whipped Dog Silvertips..
I too thought the super-silvertip would be the softest but it's not.. It softens up alot when wet but dry it's pretty "un-soft"... I don't know how to describe it either..
Whipped Dog's are the softest, wet or dry..
I recently restored a brush with a 22mm Super Silvertip and I had the exact same experience. I was expecting the hair to be as soft as the Silvertip Grade A, but it was noticeably scritchy. However, after several uses, it has softened up nicely and now does resemble my Grade A brushes.
I have found the same to be true. The TGN finest knot is my favorite knot. I was recently gifted a restore with a Super knot. I found it to have noticeably more scritch than the Finest.

The Grade A silvertip is pillowy soft from jump street- too soft for my liking-but I think would be a dreamy knot for someone who wants all soft and no scritch.
To be honest, I do like it. It has more backbone and the tips pick up soap easily, and load quickly.

I just wish it were softer when dry.
I have 3 TGN finest brushes and they are my favorites.

I recently restored an Ever-Ready 300PBT with a 20mm Finest knot (see avatar). I haven't been using it that long, so it may be user inexperience. It's soft on the tips, of course, and plenty of backbone. But it's very dense. When I'm face lathering, unlike with the Grade A silvertip, the center of the knot can look kind of dry. I add more water than normal, but it still looks kinda dry in the middle. What technique tips can anyone offer?

And for this thread, I like really soft tips, so my favorite is the Grade A silvertips.

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