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Straight Razor Acquisition Thread


Well the Thiers Issard Spartacus arrived...to recap...here was the sellers photos:

View attachment 1280841 View attachment 1280842 View attachment 1280843

So as I posted, this razor belonged to a barber who was sadly diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and passed away four months later. This razor sat in storage for a little over a decade.

As I gently cleaned this razor, I couldn’t help but think how he must have lovingly oiled and waxed this blade, and then carefully wrapped it knowing he would not get an opportunity to use it again.

As I continued to clean this razor with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, a minty 7/8 Thiers Issard Spartacus with worked spine and dressed in magnificent rams horn scales emerged. I was floored...there is the slightest bit of very light tarnish near the toe on the front of the face, and the slightest bit of a spot in the middle on the back...these could easily be removed in about 30 seconds with flitz, but I am going to let it remain...the slightest of discoloration is part of this razor’s journey.

The scales are immaculate, straight, and the razor closes dead center. The bevel near the edge is straight and thin.

It is truly a stunning razor, and the craftsmanship appears to be absolutely top notch! I will likely hone it tomorrow!



Pics after cleaning:
View attachment 1280846 View attachment 1280847 View attachment 1280848 View attachment 1280849
Very nice Matt. I saw a few from that sale. I was looking at the Wacker. There were a couple of custom razors from that seller. He was definitely an aficionado that took care of his razors.
Just arrived, was worried as way past est due date but she arrived to new adoption den/ new hm
She has sone rust spots nothing major, little to no spine/ honeware, box states not used, she a monster

What’s best way to work on etching area?
From above posts,,,qtips alcohol or baking soda, ?
Certainly no mothers
This one is certainly going to DOC for tlc
Just recently found out how to send to him
Shes shave ready by vendor so test shaving tonite
Boy first shave with a monster blade, never shaved with anything over 6/8
Bought a wild Camillus today. Looks like it should hone easily enough. Hinge pin needs tightening.
View attachment 1282382
Are these scales meant to represent the phalanges?
Faux Bamboo @Tanuki

I have a very small Wade and Butcher in the same scales. must have been a fad way back when. you can only use Bay Rum soap when using that razor to keep the vibe!!!!!


I broke the rule here!!!

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