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Rasoir Sabre razors

Hey all! Trying to have somewhat of a productive day today (and you can see how that's going....)

Anywho, I've recently purchased an Ertan Suer razor (thanks to a 15% off code). I've seen a few other guys on here using these razors and I've been so happy with my purchase so far I thought I'd give some of my thoughts.

My particular razor is a 7/8th half-hollow called the "Russian Bear". I've always wanted a razor with a barbers notch and finally pulled the trigger on one.

ertan 1.jpg

ertan 2.jpg

3 2 24.jpg

There are some slight imperfections on mine- but functionality is flawless.

When it comes to stock edges, I'm usually quick to want to put my own edge on a razor, but the edge on this razor is absolutely fantastic. The maker did not try to put a quick edge on this razor to get it out the door- he put time into it to get it right, and I will not be putting this razor on the stones as long as I don't need to.

I love this razor, and the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend looking into this maker and giving one a try if you haven't already. I will be enjoying this piece for a very long time.

I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on these razors, and share yours and your stories :) Pictures are a must.

Back to work...
Ertan Süer does beautiful work. I have one of his Gustave Lalune razors--Mon Fier Destrier.

I started with a Gold Dollar, then got this after deciding that straight razor shaving is for me. Sure, there are some minor cosmetic imperfections, as you said, but I still think these razors are a steal considering the level of craftsmanship on them. I agree that the factory edge is fantastic, although I only have my professionally honed GD to compare it to.

Ertan's creations (imperfections included) are masterfully hollowed razors and fantastic shavers. The ones I tried, Le Grelot and Mon Fier Destrier, have the blades longer than standard and it took me a few shaves to get used to. Good value for money.

Here's the last I got, a Mon Fier Destrier scaled by Ertan in Juma Gem green.

I had one before but sold it. It was an excellent razor and came shave ready.

I sold it along with all my other gear, but recently rebooted my SR addiction with 3 Gold Monkeys.

But... I have one of Ertan's razors (and some 0.25 paste) inbound and am very much looking forward to it!

That Our Russe was on my want list, but I went for one of his razors with the Mk thumb notch instead.


This was mine, loved it.

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